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The Industrial Lamp is a lighting fixture the size of a little less than 1 block with a dark grey lampshade and a bright white lightbulb (different from its icon with a more yellowish bulb). 

The Industrial Lamp is part of the Industrial Super Bundle that was launched during update R44 in June 2017, and can only be crafted (default crafting key is Q) after buying this Super Bundle in the Store.

Industrial Lamps are also included in the block kits that you can buy with Industrial Blueprints, and in the Industrial Pack, but those do not include the crafting recipe for this lamp.

To craft 4 Industrial Lamps at a time, you will need (as of June 2017)

The Industiral Lamp can be fully rotated by pressing and holding "r" (as the default key) and moving the mouse while holding the left mouse button. The chosen rotation angle can then be "locked" too by simply typing "r", so that all items of the same stack will be placed facing the same direction.

Industrial Lamps can be switched on or off by activating them (right mouse button or "f" as the default key).

Industrial Lamps can be wired up with activation devices like Switches, Number Pads, Sensors or Pressure Plates. They will then serve as receivers and can either be switched on or off. Their interactivity can be toggled and defined with permission settings.

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