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The Inverter Gate is an operator and part of the Wiring-System in Creativerse.

Invert blocks can receive either a "true" or "false" event and will then output an inverted boolean value.

The Inverter Gate is a receiver and also a sender, sending an inverted signal. If the Inverter Gate receives a "true" signal from the sender (an activation device), it will send a "false" signal to the receiver (usually a door, lamp, fan, beacon, mob spawner, loot spawner, block phaser...)

  • the Inverter Gate is an input-output-machine
  • the "input" signal will be reversed, so the "output" signal is the opposite. A "true" signal will be changed into "false" and vice versa

If the Wiring Tool is equipped and pointed at an Inverter Gate, the gate will display both its send and receive hotspots overlay-images.Wiring Output Hotspot Focused Wiring Input Hotspot Focused

The Inverter Gate can be configured with the Wiring Tool. With the Wiring Tool equipped, point at the Inverter Gate in the gameworld and press the key "n" (default key) to see the inspection window.

  • Edit Button the Inverter Gate can be named
  • Access Control Lock its access can be restricted
  • the direct interactivity can be permitted/prohibited
    (by disabling "can Interact", the Gate will be locked and can only be activated/deactivated by the activation devices it is wired up to)

Using the Wiring Tool, connect the Inverter Gate with one sender (usually an activation device like a Switch, Pressure Plate, Sensor, etc.) and one receiver (usually a door, block spawner, fan, beacon, mob spawner, loot spawner, lamp, etc.), so that the Inverter Gate can send out an inverted signal and either activate (with a "true" signal) or deactivate ("false") the receiver. Activated receivers will be switched on, doors will open, etc.

The Inverter Gate can be crafted in your crafting menu (default key "q").

To craft 8 Inverter Gates at a time, you'll need: