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Iron Breastplates are the chest-covering parts of the Iron armor "set" and will reduce the damage your player-character takes from creatures' attacks. The Iron Breastplate offers 120 defense points.

When worn, Iron Breastplates will replace the shirt of your player character with a sturdier sleevesless vest with a visible rusty looking breast piece on the front.

The colors of Iron Breastplates will be adjusted to those that you have chosen (and can change anytime) in the character customization - accessible when starting the game by clicking on the gear-like symbol by your user name in the bottom left corner of the main menu screen.

Iron armor is the third (tier) armor-type that you can craft in Creativerse. Iron armor can also be found occasionally in Diamond Treasure Chests on the Corruption layer underground in deep caves, spawning only in complete darkness, mainly on Corrupted Stone, Corrupted Leaves or Corrupted Dirt.

The crafting recipe for the Iron Breastplate is unlocked by taking or crafting an Obsidian Breastplate (can occasionally be found in Iron Treasure Chests that spawn on blocks of the Lava layer underground in very deep caves, or can be obtained as loot or pet-harvest from Silver Keepas or Golden Keepas, or rarely specifically as a pet-harvest from ordinary blue Keepas, not as their loot). To craft an Iron Breastplate, you'll need (as of R35 in October 2016):

Crafting or taking an Iron Breastplate is the requirement to unlock the crafting recipe for Diamond Breastplates.

Currently (R35 in October 2016) armor merely protects your player-character from the impact of physical hits from creatures, reducing the damage inflicted on the character.

Each hit of a creature will reduce the durability of one piece of armor that has been hit. When a piece of armor has lost all durability, it will fall apart and leave the respective body-part unprotected, which will be indicated by the armor doll in the bottom left corner of the screen, where body parts without armor will appear in white color.

To equip armor and/or replace older armor with a newer piece, simply use right-click on the armor-piece you wish to equip in your inventory, and it will automatically go into the according armor-slot next to your character's model, while the formerly worn armor-piece will be put into your inventory.

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