Creativerse Keepa Pet sandwich R23 5757
Time to tame: ~30 seconds
Attack(s): None known. Is known to create embarrassing deaths by luring greedy/unprepared players into dangerous situations, though. Is also known to "taunt" the player.
Location: Spawns EVERYWHERE, but is RARE
Creativerse Keepa Pet R23 00013
Creativerse Keepa loot blue R26 6334
Creativerse Keepa loot (blue) R26 10
Creativerse Keepa Pet cleaning R23 3474

Keepas are very peaceful but shy creatures that can spawn anywhere in the Creativerse game-worlds, on any layer and solid block, even on crafted blocks, however randomly. They spawn most often on the Corruption layer deep underground though.

They do not fight back when being attacked or tamed; instead they flee, most often starting to run when a player-character gets closer.

With update R25 also two rarer variants of Keepas with more/better loot have been added to the game:

Silver Keepa (rarer than blue Keepas)

Golden Keepa (much rarer than blue and Silver Keepas)

Blue Keepas can drop a range of many different items when killed or harvested as Pets, but they will always give away at least 1 Arcstone, most often up to 5. Golden Keepas in comparison to that can drop up to ca. 50 Arcstones, but only when killed (and only 1-5 Arcstones as Pets).

If you kill ordinary blue Keepas, their Loot Bags will usually additionally contain Coal, Gunpowder, Moss Torches, and/or Extractors, perhaps a Wood Sword or a Stone Mining Cell occasionally, and only very rarely a Note, Data Chip or a rare Recipe.

When taming blue Keepas and keeping them as Pets, you can harvest more interesting things from them - up to the rare crafting-recipes for Dark Lumite Wall or Light Lumite Wall, as well as recipes for all Adobe Walls, Adobe Floors and many other blocks. However these harvests are very rare nowadays.

As Pets ordinary blue Keepas most often like to eat (normal) Sandwiches or Soup, sometimes even Pies (which require Chizzard Eggs as ingredients).

Other pet-harvests from these Keepas may include Brown Mushrooms, Red Wood Walls, Blue Pigments, Advanced TNT (formerly named TNT Tier 2), Coal Torches, Advanced Extractors, Stacked Stone Walls, Stun Bombs, Obsidian Swords, Melted Wax, Explosive Bombs, Yellow Pigments, Red Pigments and Obsidian armor parts.

Behavior Edit

Keepas will run from the player-character when approached, which can make it hard to tame them. If the player stops chasing them, they may stop, turn around and start taunting the player. This "taunting" might be unintentionally though, because it seems that keepas are perhaps being hypnotized by the arcstones hanging from their own lanterns.

A Keepa will often run in the exact opposite direction of the player. This way you can chase them to a good place to catch them.

When Keepas are running, they can be caught by sprinting (default key Left Shift). Keepas can climb one or two blocks upwards, but not three or more. So Keepas can be lured into three high step trap pits which makes it much easier to kill or tame them. Build your pit, then approach the keepa from the other side. While chasing it will run up and into the trap to escape from you. Throwing globs if goo can slow it down significantly, making it easier just to walk behind it and tame it.

You can chase them against steep walls (3 blocks or higher) and cage them in by placing more blocks. Since R30 on April 6th 2016 Keepas can swim while Keepas can still drown when staying in/under water for too long, so you cannot easily use fluids or shores to trap them.
Creativerse keepa blue R26 33

Creativerse Keepa in corruption1010
Creativerse Keepa mine001-0
Creativerse Arcstone R23 2772

A Keepa taunting the player


A cornered Keepa

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