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Keepas are very peaceful but shy froglike Creatures with anglerfish-like antennas on their heads. They can spawn on solid blocks anywhere in the Creativerse game-worlds during day and night; even on crafted blocks in artificially illuminated buildings, however randomly.

Health: 90 health points
Time to tame: Becomes your friend in 15 seconds
Attack(s): None known. Is known to create embarrassing deaths by luring unprepared hunters into dangerous situations.
Location: Can spawn everywhere, most often on corrupted blocks (Corruption layer), but is generally uncommon

General information Edit

Since R39 Keepas are now the only known source of Arcstones.

All types of Keepas have blue Arcstone-like spots on their flanks embedded in their skin and a large gemstone that they "carry" in their illicium (that's what the "fishing rod" of an anglerfish is called). Thus their name "Keepa" = "Keeper".

These precious blue gems are valuable crafting ingredients for many useful objects like many kinds of wirable Machines as well as equipment of the highest tier (and Arcstones can also be put on display for decoration).

Spawning Edit

Different from most Creatures in Creativerse, Keepas do not spawn on specific natural blocks. Instead they are uncommon visitors that can spawn on any solid block anywhere at any time of day or night.

However, Keepas most "often" tend to spawn on corrupted blocks, which also applies to player-made arenas (or artificial biomes) built from corrupted blocks of any kind, like Corrupted Stone, Corrupted Dirt and/or Corrupted Leaves. On such arenas Keepas spawn more often in darkness than in sunlight.

Keepas cannot be spawned on Mob Spawners, which has been this way ever since Mob Spawners were implemented in Creativerse.

Perceiving Edit

When Keepas are close by (however, no matter if in a Cave not far below or on a tree top), an Arcstone symbol will show up on the compass bar at the top of the screen and will emit light blue circles for about 3 seconds. The cardinal point on the compass where the Arcstone pops up also indicates where to search for the Keepa as a general direction.

As soon as you get close enough to a Keepa, you will hear the typical sounds it makes: a frequent tinkle whenever the Keepa stops to sway its antenna, and shrieking croaks now and then that will get more frequent when the Keepa starts to run.

In complete darkness, common blue Keepas emit some sort of light blueish, sometimes turquoise vapor and their arcstone-like spots emit a bright blue glow, which make them easy to spot from a significant distance, as does their sky-blue skin color in illuminated areas. Besides: Keepas have lilac irises and a "nose" of sorts that looks like a pale apple.

Behavior Edit

Keepas will run from player characters when approached. A Keepa will often - but not always - flee in the exact opposite direction of a player. Because of this it's not exactly easy, but possible, to chase Keepas into pits or other "traps", or to corner them at steep cliffs / mountain sides.

When Keepas are running, they can be easily overtaken by sprinting (default key "Left Shift"). Still, they are a lot faster than common green Leafies or Ghost Creatures that also have the habit of running away instead of defending themselves.

Occasionally, or when the player stops chasing them, Keepas may stop, turn around and start taunting the player. This "taunting" might happen unintentionally though, because it looks like Keepas are regularly "hypnotized" by the large Arcstone hanging from their own antenna. They even occasionally just keep standing still, swinging their Arcstones and staring at them while being hit and killed by players.

Combat Edit

Blue Keepas have no known attack moves. When being attacked, pushed with the gauntlet or tamed, Keepas do not fight back at all; instead they always attempt to flee if they get an opportunity to, only occasionally interrupted by their typical breaks while dangling their Arcstone and staring at it.

You should still be careful when pursuing them so you won't run into aggressive enemies or environmental hazards like chasms. Throwing globs if Goo can slow Keepas down significantly, making it easier just to walk behind them.

Keepas are not very tough and will die from only 2 hits with any Lumite level sword.

Since they either flee or stand still, you do not need to circle them while hitting them with any melee Weapon.

However if you only have a low tier sword or even merely your emergency Twig in hand, you might consider using ranged combat instead, especially since currently Keepas are known to glitch back and forth a lot and can even glitch upwards through ceilings and downwards into Caves all of a sudden, out of sight and reach.

If you prefer ranged combat; Armor-Piercing Bombs are the most effective ranged weapons in general, followed by Explosive Bombs, Poison Bombs, Rimecones and Snowcubes as the weakest throwables.

Best do not use Corrupt Bombs, Freeze Bombs or Fire Bombs since they not only inflict a rather small amount of damage, but if the Keepa should die from the elemental damage over time that these Bombs deal, then Keepas will not drop any Loot Bags.

Loot Edit

When killed (or dismissed as Pets), Keepas can drop a range of many different items in their Loot Bag, but usually not more than 1-4 stacks.

Their Loot Bags will always contain at least 1 Arcstone, most often 3, rarely up to 5.

Often their Loot Bags will additionally contain Coal, Gunpowder and/or Melted Wax.

More rarely their Loot Bags will contain Basic Extractors, Wood Swords or Stone Mining Cells, Moss Torches, and only rarely an occasional Note, Data Chip or even a rare tradeable crafting Recipe that can be learnt by right-clicking on it in your inventory/bag or dragging and dropping it with the left mouse button over your character's model on the right side of the inventory (equipment doll).

Rare crafting Recipes that can be obtained from common blue Keepas: Grumm's Temple Garden, Cobblestone, Blue Adobe Floor, Blue Adobe Wall, Dark Lumite Wall, Light Lumite Wall, Red Adobe Floor, Red Adobe Wall, Decorative Stone Floor, Yellow Adobe Floor, Yellow Adobe Wall.

Recipes that might drop from Keepas, but way more rarely: Hardened Lava Wall, Red Adobe Roof, Blue Adobe Roof, Yellow Adobe Roof, Red Mosaic Tile Wall, Blue Mosaic Tile Wall, Yellow Mosaic Tile Wall, Blue Beacon, Red Beacon, Yellow Beacon.

Taming Edit

Taming Keepas can be done by readying a crafted and equipped Taming Collar and pointing it at a Keepa for 15 seconds without being interrupted or thrown off.

Keepas can be a real pain to tame. Throwing Globs of Goo every few seconds while walking slowly behind Keepas can be one way to tame them, however be prepared to use up a lot of Goo with this strategy!

Stun Bombs can be even more effective to tame Keepas, because they immobilize Keepas completely. However you should take the small knockback of Stun Bombs into consideration, and mind that you will also have to throw one of these Explosives every 5-6 seconds so that the taming process will not be interrupted too often whenever the Keepa "wakes up" and starts to run away again.

Otherwise this can lead to using too many Stun Bombs while restarting the taming process over and over again, which can be lethal to Keepas eventually, because Stun Bombs inflict a little bit of damage every time.

Like all other Creatures, Keepas can climb one or two blocks upwards, but not three blocks or higher without any steps, not even on worlds with low gravity (while your player character can use low gravity to jump up 5 blocks or more).

Currently, "trapping" strategies do not work well with Keepas, not even chasing them into Teleporters to prepared fighting arenas or shoving them into corners with Fans, because of a current bug that lets Creatures glitch upwards or downwards all of a sudden, through the ground right into underground Caves or high up on tree tops...

Since update R30 on April 6th 2016 Keepas can swim, so liquids will not stop them from fleeing, but they can still drown when being trapped under water for too long, so it is not advised to use liquids or shorelines to "trap" them any longer.

Keeping them as Pets Edit

Pets should not vanish any longer if set to "wander", but they can still get displaced by the game program very often either upwards or downwards and only rarely sideways, usually onto the roof of their stables or a tree right above, down into a Cave or rarely even into the vast caverns of the Corruption layer deep underground...

You can see cyan blue spots on your area Map (to be opened by typing "m" as the default key) indicating your Pets if you are in the same area; this might help you to find out if your Pet is still somewhere "nearby" or not. You can switch between area map and world map by clicking on the magnifying symbol in the map window.

As Pets ordinary blue Keepas may either prefer to eat common Sandwiches, simple Soup or common Pie (requiring Chizzard Eggs from tamed Pet Chizzards or Pet Night Chizzards as an ingredient).

Please note that you will have to feed Pets their exact favorite food to receive a good harvest. For example: if you feed a Turnip Sandwich to a Keepa that loves common Sandwiches or if you feed a Mushroom Pot Pie to a Keepa if its favorite food is common Pie, then you might not even receive any Arcstones when harvesting from it.

After harvesting from your Pets, you will have to clean them with a Washer, otherwise they won't get hungry again. For more details about how to keep Pets in Creativerse, please refer to the according Wikia article.

Pet Harvest Edit

When keeping Keepas as Pets and after feeding them their favorite food, you can obtain 1-5 Arcstones from them with each harvest, most often 3.

Occasionally, the pet-harvest from common blue Keepas may include Brown Mushrooms, Melted Wax, Coal Torches,Red Wood Walls, Stacked Stone Walls, more rarely Blue Pigments, Yellow Pigments, Red Pigments and/or Advanced Extractors, very rarely Advanced TNT (formerly named "TNT Tier 2"), Stun Bombs, Explosive Bombs, Obsidian Swords and/or Obsidian armor parts.

Rarely you might obtain even more interesting things from well-fed Keepas; up to the rare crafting Recipes for Dark Lumite Wall or Light Lumite Wall, as well as recipes for all Adobe Walls, Adobe Floors and many other blocks. However such harvests are very rare.

Family members Edit

With update R25 two rarer variants of Keepas with more/better loot have been added to the game:

  • Silver Keepas: rarer than blue Keepas with better loot / pet harvest), also spawning anywhere at any time, but most often on corrupted blocks like on the Corruption layer.
  • Golden Keepas: much rarer than blue and Silver Keepas with even better loot. Golden Keepas can drop up to ca. 50 Arcstones, but only when killed. As Pets they can provide Obsidian equipment and rare Recipes with a higher chance than other Keepas. They too can spawn anywhere at any time, but most often on corrupted blocks like on the Corruption layer.