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Basic Information Edit

The LED is basically a light cube that can be set to one of many different colors (with the Wiring Tool), but different from most actual Lightings in Creativerse, an LED does not lilluminate the surrounding, so it also does not prevent Creatures from spawning close by.

How to obtain

LEDs cannot be found in Treasure Chests nor can they be obtained from any Creatures.

Instead, an LED can be crafted in your crafting menu (to be opened by pressing the default key "q") after its crafting recipe has been unlocked.

How to unlock the crafting recipe Edit

The (free) crafting recipe for LEDs can be unlocked by:

How to craft LEDs Edit

To craft 2 LEDs at a time you'll need:

How to use LEDs Edit

LEDs are part of the Wiring-System in Creativerse.

After being placed into the game world, LEDs can either be switched on or off when they receive a true or false input event given by an activation device (Sensor, Switch, Pressure Plate, Number Pad). Their color and interaction permission can be configured too.

The LED is an input-machine, a pure receiver that does not send any signals. If a Wiring Tool is equipped and you point at an LED with the cursor, the LED will display the receive hotspot overlay-image. Wiring Input Icon By clicking on this hotspot, the LED can be connected with the send hotspot of an activation device or an operating gate (Logic Gate, Delay Gate, Inverter Gate, Flip-Flop Gate, Number Comparison Gate).

The Galactic LED can be configured by using the Wiring Tool. With the Wiring Tool equipped, point at the LED and press "n" (as the default key) to display the inspection window.

  • the LED can be named (click on the square symbol with a "pen"), the new label will replace the word "LED" that is shown when looking at it with the cursor
  • the access to it can be restricted (click on the padlock symbol), so that only players with the same or a higher permission rank can change the settings of the LED or pick it up
  • it's direct interactivity can be restricted
    (if the button next to "can interact" is disabled, the LED is locked, so it cannot be switched on/off by directly activating it, but only with an activation device wired to the LED)
  • a certain color (RGB) can be defined for the LED by entering a value ranging from 0 to 255 for blue, red and green. You can alternatively use the sliders below

To toggle the LED on or off, you can either press the right mouse button or "F" as the default key while pointing at the LED with your cursor.

Activation devices (like Sensors, Switches, Pressure Plates, Number Pads etc.) will send either a "true" (when activated) or "false" (when deactivated) signal to the LED that will either turn it on (when "true") or off (when "false") accordingly. This basic principle can be made use of by operating gates to create a variety of functions.

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