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The Leather Pauldron was introduced with update R31 in May 2016 and replaced the Leather Helmet. Similar to the former helmet it offers 20 defense points.

When worn, Leather Pauldrons once looked like rather simple buckles attached to the shoulder straps of your backpack, however as of yet in May 2017, they actually cannot be seen clearly anymore.

Leather armor is the first (tier) armor-type that you can craft in Creativerse. Leather armor parts can also rarely be found in Obsidian Treasure Chests on the Stalactite layer underground in deep caves, that spawn only in complete darkness, mainly on Stalactite or Siltstone. Sometimes pieces of leather armor can also rarely be obtained from Keepas of any kind as a loot or pet-harvest.

The crafting recipe for the Leather Pauldron can be unlocked by crafting or finding Leather Breastplates (a starting crafting recipe already unlocked from the beginning as of May 2017).

To craft 1 Leather Pauldron, you'll need (as of R43 in May 2017):

Crafting or taking a Leather Pauldron is the unlocking requirement for the crafting recipe of Obsidian Pauldrons.

Currently (as of May 2017) any armor merely protects your player-character from the impact of physical hits from creatures, reducing the damage inflicted on the character.

To equip armor, right-click on the respective armor-piece in your inventory or drag it with left-click from the inventory into an armor-slot on the right side next to your character's model.

Creatures usually hit only one piece of armor with each hit, which will reduce the durability of the armor part, until it will fall apart completely. Repairing armor is not possible currently.

The durability of armor is indicated by the shrinking length of the green bar on the icons of the armor pieces in the character-window; and also as a color-code on the armor-doll in the bottom left corner of the main game-UI. Green armor-pieces have (nearly) full durability, yellow pieces have reduced durability, pale red pieces are nearly fully worn out and. White parts of the armor doll are not protected by any armor.

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