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Leaves are natural solid blocks which can be found on trees and "bushes" (really small trees) on all Creativerse worlds.

Leaves do not decay by themselves in Creativerse, as they are not simply decorative items, but useful for many purposes.

You can collect all Leaves except for Corrupted Leaves without even needing a Power Cell, but equipping any Mining Cell will make harvesting a much quicker process, especially Lumite Mining Cells. Mining Cells will not lose durability (as of April 2017) when picking up Leaves, except for corrupted ones.

Unharvested Leaves will just stay floating in the air, together with Flowers that some trees have and (re)grow on Leaves, also Vines and sometimes Beeswax / Queen Bees will keep floating.

If you want to remove leaves faster than one by one, you can use Excavators (which will remove 7x7x7 blocks at once and save half of these blocks in loot bags).

You can also throw Fire Bombs at leaves to eradicate them completely. This can remove 7x7x4 blocks of Leaves instantly, but will leave Flowers, Beewax, Vines and Queen Bees intact.

Please note that fire is able to spread in very warm to hot biomes! In this case the flames will slowly wander from one block of Leaves to another until all of the foliage is removed (check your world settings, as the spreading of fire can be turned off).

Fire can even "jump" over small gaps of 1-2 blocks and such can set neighbouring trees and other flammable stuff on fire too (like Tallgrass or wooden building blocks), while tree Flowers, Vines, Queen Bees and Beeswax will not burn and such will remain intact.

In warm to hot biomes like Jungles leaves can be set on fire even by simply placing a torch or open fire under a block of leaves. Spontaneous forest fires have been reported starting in Swamplands by themselves even, and Creatures like Shrewdshrews can also burn a few blocks of trees like Parchwood in hot areas of Savannahs.

As leaves are flammable, they can be used as Fuel for the Forge (4 blocks of leaves each), as a building material (and are part of several Blueprints as such) and as spawners for Beeswax, tree Flowers and Creatures.

Corrupted Leaves make Fuel that burns even faster than common leaves, but you'll need at least a Diamond Mining Cell (or Lumite Mining Cell) to collect Corrupted Leaves (of all kinds), and the Power Cells will also lose durability in the process. Just like with all kinds of Leaves, also 4 blocks of corrupted leaves at a time will be used up in the Forge for each melting/hardening process.

Leaves (except for corrupted types of Leaves) can also be processed in the Processor to become Shredded Leaves that can either be used for building or used in crafting recipes like for Beds of all kinds or Thatched Walls, Thatched Roofs and their corners (to be created in the Processor without requiring any crafting recipes).

Ordinary Wood Treasure Chests will occasionally spawn in complete darkness during night-times on all types of leaves up in tree tops except for Corrupted Leaves, where Diamond Treasure Chests can occasionally spawn during all times as long as the area is in complete darkness.

During daytime ordinary Leafies might not spawn on most types of leaves during the day (but with no artificial light sources nearby) Under fitting conditions Mossy Leafies can spawn on Weepwood leaves, Chizzards can spawn on Wildwood Leaves as well as Dark Wildwood Leaves, and Autumn Leafies can spawn on Autumnwood Leaves - all of them will spawn during the day with no artificial lights nearby.

After nightfall Night Leafies might spawn on nearly all types of leaves, while Night Chizzards can mainly spawn on Wildwood Leaves and Dark Wildwood Leaves at night - again only if no artifial light sources are nearby.

On Corrupted Leaves, no usual Creatures, but instead Corrupted Leafies can spawn in complete darkness, but also Corrupted Chizzards, Corrupted Mirus, Corrupted Rocksters, and even Things.

There are several sorts of trees and bushes in different biomes with specific kinds of Leaves.

  • birch-like Ashenwood trees can be found in Woodlands, Grassland (in the shape of trees as well as smaller bush-like types) and in valleys between Mountains, as well as occasionally in the shape of very low bushes on top of Canyon plateaus. Red Flowers will slowly spawn over time on Ashenwood Leaves, and common green Leafies can spawn on these leaves during the day
  • Cragwood trees can mainly be found in Forests, even very large types that reach into freezing heights, but also in Woodlands and Grasslands. Low Cragwood bushes are also common high up on Canyon plateaus. Yellow Flowers will slowly spawn over time on Ashenwood Leaves, and common green Leafies can spawn on these leaves during the day
  • Autumnwood trees can have three different colors depending on their leaves, either Cinnamon Autumnwood Leaves, Citrus Autumnwood Leaves or Mocha Autumnwood Leaves, while the leaves lying on the ground under these trees are always Mocha Autumnwood Leaves. They do not grow in bushes. Autumn Leafies can (rarely) spawn on Autumnwood Leaves during the day, but also common green Leafies
  • willow-like Weepwood trees can only be found in Swamplands, but not as bushes. Mossy Leafies will spawn on Weepwood Leaves during the day, rarely also common green Leafies
  • pine-like Elderwood trees can be found in Taigas, in valleys between Mountains and a few of them high up on snowy Canyon plateaus, they also grow in Tundras (usually larger specimen with 2x2 trunks) and some very special giant ones can be found in Savannahs that look rather like foliage trees than evergreen. Blue Flowers will slowly spawn over time on Ashenwood Leaves, and common green Leafies can spawn on these leaves during the day
  • large Wildwood trees can be found in Jungles, they can have two different kinds of leaves: common Wildwood Leaves and decorative Dark Wildwood Leaves. Giant Wildwood trees with snow on top usually only have common Wildwood Leaves, however these leaves can also sometimes replace Vines on giant jungle trees (especially on template worlds 1-4) and such grow from the ground to the top in long strands. Chizzards and common green Leafies can spawn on these leaves during the day
  • golden Parchwood trees can be found in Savannahs, however only as trees, not as bushes
  • palm-like Shorewood trees can usually be found on Shores and rarely on Dunes, they have no bush-like equivalents. Chizzards often spawn on Shorewood blocks during the day (and Night Chizzards during the night)
  • Corrupted Leaves grow on branches and out of roots made of Corrupted Wood all throughout the Corruption layer deep underground. Corrupted Creatures and Diamond Treasure Chests can spawn on them in darkness

Three types of trees can be grown from Saplings in fitting biomes (as of April 2017):

Three types of leaves can be "created" by throwing Corrupt Bombs at them:

  • Corrupted Leaves can be made from all kinds of leaves except for Parchwood Leaves, Ashenwood Leaves and Elderwood Leaves
  • Corrupted Ashenwood Leaves can only be made from Ashenwood Leaves
  • Corrupted Elderwood Leaves can only be made from Elderwood Leaves

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