There are multiple forms of lighting in Creativerse. All lights are ever burning and do not need any fuel.

Since Update R33 in August 2016 most Lamps, including Arctek "Torches" and Fire Pits can be turned on an off now (activate by "f" as the default key or right mouse button), also by Switches, Number Pads and/or Pressure Plates that they have been wired to.

Lights can be placed on any side of a block including the bottom of a block for a nice ceiling light. Some lights give off small amounts of heat such as the Moss Torch, Coal Torch, and Fire Pits. By placing three torches next to each other on Snow and standing on them, the cold meter can be lowered again in cold biomes.

Torches and other open fires may even cause a Fire if placed above (or especially under) flammable blocks like Leaves, any Wood blocks like on trees or Thatched Walls.

Burning LightsEdit

These lights are the most common "tier" lights.

Arcstone LightsEdit

All Arcstone Lights emit the same amount of blueish-white light but are not as bright as a Gas Lamp.

Recipe Lights

Recipes and items can only be found in Holiday Gift Boxes in December (Christmas season).

Other LightsEdit

These lights do not brighten a room or cave but are visble in the dark.

Since update R32 in June 2016, all crafted blocks can be picked up without needing any Power Cells now.

Wiring lights Edit

All Lamps, Beacons, Fire Pits and Arktek Torches can be wired using the Wiring Tool.

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