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The Logic Gate is part of the Wiring-System in Creativerse.

Logic Gates can perform evaluations on 2 inputs and will output a true/false signal. Logic gates can be configured to operate on either numeric or true/false inputs.

The logic block is a receiver and also a sender. It compares two inputs in order to then send out either a "true" or a "false" signal.

  • it is an input-output-machine. The output is generated be a comparison of the (usually two) inputs

If the Wiring Tool is equipped and pointed at a Logic Gate in the gameworld, the gate will display its send and receive hotspots overlay-images. Wiring Output Hotspot Focused Wiring Input Hotspot Focused

The Logic Gate can be configured with the Wiring Tool.
With the Wiring Tool equipped, point at the Logic Gate, then press the Key "n" (default key) to see the inspection window.

  • Edit Button the Logic Gate can be named
  • Access Control Lock its access can be restricted
  • the Logic Gate can operate with 1 of 6 different comparison operators (AND, OR, NOR, XNOR, NAND, XNOR)
  • the second input can either be an event or value, so you will have to enable the according mode in order for the gate to work properly

Connect the Logic Gate with a receiver (usually a door, lamp, fan, beacon, mob spawner, loot spawner, etc.) and two senders (usually activation devices like Sensors, Switches, Pressure Plates, etc.).

The signals from the senders will then be compared by the Logic Gate and either a "true" or "false" signal will then be sent to the receiver. A "true" signal will activate the receiver (open the door, switch on the lamp/fan/beacon, activate spawners).

Interact with the Logic Gate ("f" key by default or right-click) to define the comparison operation and the mode (event or value) of your choice. If the conditions that you have defined are met, the Logic Gate will send either a "true" or "false" signal to the receiver.

The Logic Gate can be crafted in your crafting menu (default key "q").
To craft 8 Logic Gates at a time, you'll need:

Comparison Operators Edit

Gate type Description
AND Gate Outputs true if input1 AND input2 are true
OR Gate Outputs true if input1 OR input2 is true
XOR Gate Outputs true if input1 OR input2 is true, but not if both are true
NAND Gate Outputs false if input1 AND input2 are true
NOR Gate Outputs true only if input1 and input2 are both false
XNOR Gate Outputs true if both input1 and input2 are the same value(true or false)