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The Loot Spawner is a machine that can spawn storage containers with stuff inside that you have to provide for this purpose, when being switched on by any kind of activation device, which requires wiring.

Please note that the Loot Spawner has not been created as a means for you to collect tons of loot, so this is not how it works. The Loot Spawner is an item mainly intended to create game content for other players, for example within Adventures.

Only the "loot" that you yourself will provide can then spawn wrapped into storage containers that the Loot Spawner spawns. Only one storage container will appear on each Loot Spawner. No additional loot will spawn "by itself", no matter which design of container you will choose. And no storage containers will be spawned as long as you haven't put anything into the according storage window of the Loot Spawner.

Loot Spawners can not be obtained from any Treasure Chests nor Creatures, but you can craft them in your crafting menu ("q" as the default key) after unlocking the according crafting recipe by crafting a Mob Spawner (after crafting an LED and a Pressure Plate).

Afterwards each Loot Spawner can be crafted with

Storage containers spawned by the Loot Spawner will always appear directly over or in front of the Spawner (depending where you direct it/make it "look") at the nearest possible free space.

Similar to Mob Spawners you can place Loot Spawners under floors, behind walls and over ceilings to hide them.

However please note that Loot Spawners placed upside down (on/behind ceilings) will spawn topsyturvy storage containers, and Loot Spawners placed sideways behind a wall will spawn storage containers that are turned to their side.

The Loot Spawner will only work after being placed into the world and wired to at least one activation device like a Sensor, Switch, Number Pad or Pressure Plate. It cannot simply be activated by clicking on it like any kind of Lamp could be.

By right-clicking on the placed Loot Spawner (or typing "f" as the default key to activate it), a storage window will open that you can then fill with loot that can be anything that you can carry in your inventory, including crafted items and liquids.

The storage container that will spawn when the Loot Spawner is activated, will then have this loot inside that you have provided. The loot cannot be split into many storage containers and after one container has been looted, no other containers will be spawned afterwards.

The settings of the Loot Spawner can be defined by using an equipped Wiring Tool and typing "n" (default key) while looking at the Loot Spawner. Then a window will open to let you choose one of several different designs of storage containers, either simple brown Loot Bags, red, green or blue Holiday Gift Boxes, or Treasure Chests.

Please note that the Treasure Chests that can be spawned will not always show the same glowing colors as the icons in the Loot Spawner suggest. Instead, Stone Treasure Chests will have a green glow inside, Obsidian Treasure Chests will have a blue glow inside, Iron Treasure Chests will have a red glow inside, and Diamond Treasure Chests will have a violet glow inside.

You can "fill" said storage containers with all kinds of loot to reward other players that have activated the Loot Spawner correctly, for example within Adventures.

The Loot Spawner can only be used once and has to be refilled if you want to reward more than one player after another; however this is not necessary for Adventures, because each player will get to play their own copy of the game world when playing an Adventure.

Please note that unlooted storage containers that the Loot Spawner has spawned can despawn after leaving them alone for too long or when exiting and restarting the game. In this case the loot that you have placed into the loot window of the Loot Spawner can be lost.

Since December 2016, containers looking like Holiday Gifts can be spawned as well. A random colored Holiday Gift will appear, but of course only filled with the items that players themselves have placed into the inventory window of the Loot Spawner.

Since December 2017, piles of Snowcubes can now be spawned as a container, filled with whatever players provide.