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This article is about Lumite Bars, plainly called "Lumite" in Creativerse, while the Lumite Ore and how it's extracted is subject of another article.

Lumite Bars can be made in the Forge from Lumite Ore, which can be found within Lumite Nodes embedded in corrupted rocks underground in the deeper parts of the Lava layer and most of all in the Corruption layer, which currently is the deepest layer.

To smelt Lumite Ore into Lumite (bars) in the Forge you will need Fuel too.

1 Lumite(bar) can then be processed further in the Processor into 2 Lumite Slabs, or into 8 Lumite Rods.

By taking Lumite (bars) for the first time, the crafting-recipe for Lumite Walls will be unlocked.

Lumite Ore requires Extractors to be harvested from Lumite Nodes. Either Basic Extractors, Advanced Extractors and Super Extractors will do.

Lumite bars are necessary to craft Lumite Mining Cells, Lumite armor, Lumite Swords, Super Excavators, Fans, Corrupt Bombs, Lumite furniture, and also a number of building-blocks.

Creativerse unlock R23 Lumite bar Lumite Wall001

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