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Lumite Breastplates are the chest-covering part of the Lumite armor "set" and will reduce the damage your player-character takes from creatures' attacks. The Lumite Breastplate offers 480 defense points.

When worn, Lumite Breastplates will replace the shirt of your player character with a sturdier sleevesless vest with a violet colored breast piece in front and a belt buckle ornament.

The colors of Lumite Breastplates will be adjusted to those that you have chosen (and can change anytime) in the character customization - accessible when starting the game by clicking on the gear-like symbol by your user name in the bottom left corner of the main menu screen.

Lumite armor is the fifth (tier) and best armor-type that you can craft in Creativerse. Currently you cannot find any already crafted Lumite armor-pieces in the game.

The crafting recipe for Lumite Breastplates is unlocked by crafting or taking Diamond Breastplate.

To craft a Lumite Breastplate, you'll need (as of R25 in November 2015):

To equip armor and/or replace older armor with a newer piece, simply use right-click on the armor-piece you wish to equip in your inventory, and it will automatically go into the according armor-slot next to your character's model, while the formerly worn armor-piece will be put into your inventory.

Currently armor merely protects your player-character from the impact of physical hits from creatures, reducing the damage inflicted on the character.

Each hit of a creature will reduce the durability of one piece of armor that has been hit. When a piece of armor has lost all durability, it will fall apart and leave the respective body-part unprotected, which will be indicated by the armor doll in the bottom left corner of the screen, where body parts without armor will appear in white color.