Creativerse Lumite Ore R23 456
Creativerse Lumite Node Block1881
Creativerse Lumite Node1817
Creativerse Lumite to Bar001
Creativerse Lumite in the ceiling10011
Creativerse Lumite Diamond Lava layer1882

Lumite Ore is found within Lumite Nodes embedded in rocks underground in the lowest part of the Lava layer and also of course in the Corruption layer that is one giant cave with a top layer and bottom layer made from corrupted blocks.

Lumite Nodes are almost never accessible through natural caves leading down from the surface, so you will need to dig mineshafts downwards yourself. Lumite Ore - like all ores - cannot be pulled from Nodes with your arctek-gauntlet nor any Power Cells equipped, it requires an Extractor of any kind to be harvested from Lumite Nodes.

  • Basic Extractors will extract 2 Lumite Ore from 1 Lumite Node within 10 minutes
  • Advanced Extractors will extract 4 Lumite Ore from 1 Lumite Node in 5 minutes
  • Super Extractors will extract 7 Lumite Ore from 1 Lumite Node in 3 minutes

Lumite Ore can be smelted to Lumite (bars) via the Forge (which needs Fuel too of course). Lumite Ore itself is currently (R25 in November 2015) not useable for crafting; instead it has to be smelted to bars first. Ore / Nodes cannot be pulled/taken nor placed.

Lumite in its processed form is needed to make Lumite Mining Cells, Lumite armor, Lumite Swords, Super Excavators, Corrupt Bombs, Fans, Lumite furniture and a number of different looking building-blocks.

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