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Creativerse Medieval Pack 2017-07-03 21-02-57-200
Creativerse Medieval Pack 2017-07-03 21-02-57-201
Creativerse Medieval Pack 2017-07-03 21-02-57-203

The Medieval Pack is an Item Pack that contains several blocks and items with patterns and colors inspired by European medieval culture, that was introduced to the Store with patch R41 on May 1st 2017.

As of July 2017, this bundle contains one item kit, claimable on one gameworld of your choice, with the following crafted blocks and items inside:

Please note that this item pack does not include any crafting recipes, and receiving these items will not unlock any crafting recipes.

After buying this bundle, you will find an icon in your inventory/bag that you can "claim" once on one specific gameworld of your choice. You will then receive a storage container that looks like a staple of crates and only takes up 1 slot in your inventory/bag or quickbar.

You can place this storage container into the gameworld and access it like any other storage object by right-click or typing "f" (as the default key) while looking at it. The price you pay is for one item pack only, so you cannot claim the same pack a second time, neither on the same gameworld nor on another.

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