Creativerse Mold R23 446
Creativerse Mold on stalactite layer green01
Creativerse Goo made from Mold
Creativerse Mold Stone Cell489
Creativerse Warmworm on Mold1177

Mold blocks are found on the Stalactite layer underground and require at least a Stone Mining Cell or an even stronger Power Cell to be mined.

These natural blocks are used in a few crafting recipes like for Siltstone Wall or Purification Bombs (together with blocks of Stalactite, Trog Horns and Gunpowder) and can also be processed into 6 Globs of Goo each in a Processor.

Blocks of Mold can placed and made into artificial biomes where Warmworms and Mirus will occasionally spawn in complete darkness, but also Obsidian Treasure Chests now and then.

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