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The Mossy Leafi is another variant of the ordinary light green Leafi, just like Night Leafies, Autumn Leafies, Dried Leafies and Corrupted Leafies.

This Leafi lives in Swamplands, but can occasionally also be found in Jungle-biomes. It spawns on Weepwood Leaves and Weepwood Flowers but also close to Bog Water during the day.

Health 375 health points (94 hits with a Twig)
Time to Tame: Becomes your friend in 10 seconds
Location: Swamplands, occasionally Jungles during the day

The Mossy Leafi is peaceful, but not as passive as the ordinary Leafi, since it will fight back if being attacked or tamed.

It can even deal poison damage from time to time that will last 1-3 seconds each. However this Leafi is not overly strong when compared to the poison-attacks that Feral Pigsies can deal.

To kill a Mossy Leafi, strike them with a Twig 35 times, a Wood Sword 19 times, a Stone Sword 15 times, an Obsidian Sword 8 times, an Iron Sword 5 times, a Diamond Sword 4 times, or a Lumite Sword 3 times.

When killed, Mossy Leafies can drop (in their loot bag):

As Pets, Mossy Leafies might prefer to eat Horned Melons, Wholesome Bread or Sandwiches. They can be harvested for pretty much the same materials as their loot.

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