Creativerse Mossy Leafi Leaf R23 1991
Creativerse Mossy Leafies Swamp
Creativerse unlock R22 Mossy Leafi Leaf Poison Bomb020
Creativerse crafting R23 0090

Mossy Leafi Leaves can be obtained from Mossy Leafies, either by killing them or taming them and harvesting from them after they have become your Pets.

Mossy Leafies can be found in Swamplands and sometimes in Jungles, spawning on Weepwood Leaves during the day. They are peaceful surface-creatures, but not passive, and they can deal poison damage when defending themselves.

Mossy Leafi Leaf is a necessary ingredient in crafting-recipes, like for Poison Bombs, and will unlock their crafting-recipe (as of R26 in December 2015).

This material cannot be put into your quickbar and cannot be placed into the world. It also cannot be displayed on Wall Shelves, Wood Planters nor Flower Pots (as of R26 in December 2015).

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