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The Mushroom House is a Blueprint that you can find by clicking on the "Blueprints" TAB after opening either your inventory (default key "e") or crafting menu (default key "q").

This Blueprint helps with constructing a small building with a mushroom-like appearance. Please note that some of the suggested wooden (& "woven") blocks and vegetal materials are flammable, so the disabling of the fire spreading option is advisable for either the whole gameworld or the player-claims where this building is to be erected. The animals shown on the images are not included in the Blueprint; they just indicate that you could keep your tamed Pets in this building.

Blueprints will not automatically construct buildings from collected materials. Instead, after placing and activating the cornerstone, the blueprint will display blue outlines with small images of the required (customizable) blocks or items for each cubic space that the suggested building consists of. This makes it easier to build large constructions, especially while working together with other players.

The Cornerstone for this building can be crafted for free with:

After the cornerstone has been crafted, you will find it as an icon in your inventory/bag. You will have to place this cornerstone into the world at first. Then the basic blue outlines of the Blueprint will be superimposed over the landscape so that you can determine its exact position by relocating and rotating the cornerstone. Once you're satisfied with the location, activate the cornerstone in order to customize blocks (show advanced options) and to start building.

The Mushroom House Blueprint is suggested to be built with these 1819 blocks:

However, like all other blueprints, the blueprint for this building can be customized too in order to accept completely different blocks and items. Blueprints also do not have to be completed in the exact shape like suggested. However if you do, Fireworks will be displayed and a notification will appear on the block list in the cornerstone window (even if you had customized the blocks).

The building kit that will contain all the suggested blocks and items to build the original Blueprint just like listed above is available by clicking the button "Get kit & build now!" in the Blueprint's description window.

Building kits are then to be paid with Coins (that you can buy for real money from the Store via Steam wallet) and cannot be customized - these kits will always contain all the standard blocks that the original Blueprint requires to be completed.

The building kit will be delivered to your inventory in the shape of a storage container (that looks like a staple of wooden crates and has to be placed in order to be accessed) plus a cornerstone for this building too, so you won't need to craft it yourself.

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