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Obsidian comes from Obsidian Ore via the Forge. You will also need Fuel to process one piece of Obsidian Ore into one Obsidian (bar).

Upon taking Obsidian (out of the Forge for example) for the first time, the recipes for the Teleporter and the Obsidian Brick Wall will be unlocked.

Obsidian ore can be found in caves leading downwards into the Fossil layer, in Mineshafts throughout the Fossil layer that you dig yourself, and it's sometimes even visible on Mountain flanks.

Obsidian bars can then be further processed into Obsidian Slabs and/or Obsidian Rods in a Processor.

Obsidian and it's processed slices are used in many mid-level crafting-recipes and even up to the highest level recipes, including Obsidian Mining Cell, Obsidian Sword and armor, the Plow for Crops, the Cooking Station for Food, the Washer for Pets, the Teleporter, the Healing Beacon, Advanced Extractors (and later on also Super Extractors), Gas Lamps, Excavators, Advanced TNT, as well as a number of Building Blocks and fancy Obsidian Doors.

Trivia: Edit

- The real life Obsidian is actually a form of Igneous Rock.

- It should be noted that it is impossible for either obsidian or igneous rock to turn into one another in this game.

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