Creativerse Coal Node Mountain004
Creativerse Coal3003
Creativerse Obsidian Node0101
Creativerse Blocks R23 500
Creativerse Iron Node2577
Creativerse Iron Ore R23 494
Creativerse Diamond Node1774
Creativerse Diamond Ore R23 464
Creativerse Lumite Node1817
Creativerse 4 lumite blocks R26 world started R14
Creativerse Lumite Ore R23 456

Different Ores can be extracted from Nodes on each Creativerse-world, but sometimes can also be found in randomly spawning Treasure Chests, or can be obtained from certain creatures like Silver Keepas or Golden Keepas.

The following Ores can be found in Nodes:

To extract Ores from Nodes you cannot use your ArcTek gauntlet powered by Power Cells, instead you will have to use Extractors - either Basic Extractors, Advanced Extractors or Super Extractors can be applied on any kind of Node.

Super Extractors can only be made from a crafting recipe that the Thing (a Creature on the Corruption layer deep underground) provides, either in its Loot Bag when you kill it or as a pet-harvest after you've tamed and fed it.

Coal can be found in Wood Treasure Chest and Stone Treasure Chests, but also in the loot or pet-harvest of Keepas of many kinds; Coal Nodes can be made from Tar in infinite amounts, as Tar is a liquid that can be multiplied by letting it flow.

Obsidian Ore can be found in Iron Treasure Chests, Iron Ore can be found in Iron Treasure Chests and Diamond Treasure Chests, Diamond Nodes can be made from Coal Nodes (in infinite amounts if you made the Coal Nodes from Tar).

Extractors take a little while to extract all the Ore; however the better the extractor-type is, the faster it works and also the more ore will be gained.

Basic Extractor:

Node Number of Ores Time needed
Coal 6 1 minute
Obsidian 6 5 minutes
Iron 3 5 minutes
Diamond 3 10 minutes
Lumite 2 10 minutes

Advanced Extractor:

Node Number of Ores Time needed
Coal 12 30 seconds
Obsidian 12 2:30 minutes
Iron 6 2:30 minutes
Diamond 6 5 minutes
Lumite 4 5 minutes

Super Extractor:

Node Number of Ores Time needed
Coal 21 18 seconds
Obsidian 21 1:30 minutes
Iron 18 1:30 minutes
Diamond 10 3 minutes
Lumite 7 3 minutes

Mind that finding Lumite Node and crafting Lumite-equipment like Lumite Swords and Lumite Armor is not "the end" of the game! Creativerse is a sandbox-game that has many more features and different possible goals that you can define for your own gameplay however you like.

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