Creativerse Pebble Pet R23 22455
Creativerse Pebble Pet002
Creativerse pebble's Pebble R23 2772
Creativerse Pebble Pet cleaning2138
Creativerse official artwork Pebble
Creativerse Pebble on Cactus near Sand78

Pebbles are like baby Rocksters.

If you attack or try to tame a Pebble, a nearby Rockster will attack you if the Pebble calls out, or more Pebbles will come and fight alongside with the initial Pebble also attacking you. Pebbles are pretty fast too.

To kill a Pebble, strike them 10 times with a Twig, 5 times with a Wood Sword, 4 times with a Stone Sword, 2 times with an Obsidian Sword or Iron Sword, or 1 time with a Diamond Sword or Lumite Sword.

Pebbles, when killed or dimissed, can drop

If you tame Pebbles, then as Pets they might prefer to eat Turnips, Horned Melons or Cripshead Lettuce.

You can harvest from your pets pretty much the same materials that you'd get as a loot. Before R25 you could rarely also get Magnetite from them.

Creativerse Pebble Loot63
Creativerse Pebble Loot R26 83

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