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Currently (as of R23 in October 2015), every creature that you can find in any Creativerse-world can be tamed, including Keepas, Things and Rockzillas. The one exception are creatures summoned with Mob Spawners - these cannot be tamed.

Pets are all solely (very useful) "livestock" for now, especially to get a constant supply of Arcstones, Tourmaline, Eggs (that can only be obtained from tamed Chizzards (the same goes for Blizzard Chizzard Eggs) or Pigsy Droppings (only obtainable from Pet Pigsies).

Attention: because of a current bug Pets that you set to "wander" might vanish while you're away (logged off or busy elsewhere out of sight), no matter how much you have tended to them, even after they have just eaten or would be ready to be harvested. So always set your Pets to "stay" to keep them for now, until the issue will be fixed.

Taming Edit

You can tame any creature with a Taming Collar that you will have to craft first. Equip your Taming Collar (by TAB as the default key), then get close to the creature that you want to tame until you see the green X while having the collar ready in your hand.

Simply use the collar on the creature (by holding down your left mouse button) as long as it needs for the displayed green bar to fill. This can take from 10 seconds (non-aggressive surface-creatures) to 1 minute (all corrupted creatures).

Creativerse silver keepa trapped R26 48

Most creatures will not be happy with being tamed and will either put up a fight and/or try to run away (depending on the type of creature), so you will have to use different strategies to make them hold still and let your character survive for the timespan that you'll need for taming. Stun Bombs are very recommended. Standing on ladders will usually keep your character safe from attacks, while fleeing creatures like Keepas can be caught in 3 block deep pits or caged in with walls of 3 block height.

Currently (January 2016) there seems to be no limit to the number of Pets you can have - but it can cause a bit of lag when your character approaches a coraral full of pets. Pets currently are immortal; they won't die from touching liquids nor will they burn away in sunlight. So you can keep Night creatures and Underground creatures on the surface as Pets.

Making pets follow your character Edit

Creativerse night pigsy pet follow74
Creativerse night leafi still bugged31

As soon as your pets are tamed and hearts are flying from them into your direction, you can right-click them or interact with them (default key "F") to open their respective pet-window when taking them into your focus so that their name is shown on the screen at the bottom.

As you can see to the right inside the pet-window: your pets can be made to follow you wherever you go by clicking the according button.

Pets that follow you properly will also teleport to you if they're outdistanced, (except for Warmworms that cannot move! Currently they're the only exception).

Currently (R29 in March 2016) occasionally a few Pets won't follow you everywhere or might stop before entering a teleporter. It's an issue that the devs from Playful are looking into at the moment. Usually it works better to use your touchstone than a teleporter with bugged pets like that. When your player-character dies it can happen that the pets that have been following will not show up at the touchstone with the character, but will wait for their owner at the Death Statue instead.

Best strategy is to make Pets follow you to a specific area where they cannot wander off from, like a corral or enclosure, a large room with doors, overhanging platforms with ladders or islands surrounded by water at least 2 blocks above the water surface. There you should open their pet-windows again and set them to "stay".

Making pets stay Edit

Creativerse Thing has been fed84

To direct Pets to a safe place where you want to keep them, you will need to set them to "follow" first (activate the Pet with right-click or "f" (default key) while looking at it and click on the green dot next to "follow" in their Pet window until a check mark appears). Then you can place the pet onto a specific block by aiming at this block (with the cross hairs on your screen) and typing "i" (default key). Pets following you will then position themselves on this block.

Pets can be told to "stay" (will usually only work properly after you have made them follow for a short while) or can be told to "wander" around in the surrounding at your order (which also doesn't apply to Warmworms). Pets do not need a special surrounding to stay alive. They can be kept in any kind of biome, they get invulnerable to lava or other liquids, and night-creatures won't burn in sunlight when they are pets.

Currently it's recommended to let pets "stay", otherwise they might just vanish after a while when you wander off or relog. In rare cases Pets might still start to wander later on or suddenly follow you (bug), then you should tell them to "stay" again to be safe.

Dismiss your pets Edit

Creativerse pet dismiss25

Pets can be dismissed anytime after they have been tamed (also right away) and will then vanish after leaving a Loot Bag containing whatever usual loot they normally drop when they've been killed. It seems dismission basically kills pets, as other pets and creatures nearby will flee in fear when witnessing it.

Creativerse Arctic Miru pet dressed79

Dressing your pets Edit

Pets can be dressed, depending on their type, with Hats and/or Bows, most often even both. You can find these kinds of accessoires solely in Treasure Chests of any kind occasionally. Simply right-click your pets (or type "f" as the default key) when looking at them to open their Pet window, then drag & drop any accessory into it's slot or just click on the accessories to make them switch to their according slot in the Pet window. Dressing pets will not only make them look funny, it will also make it easier for you to differentiate your pets from wild animals.

Renaming your pets Edit

Creativerse Renaming Pets80

In the top right corner of the pet-window next to the name of the creature you can click at the icon looking like a small sheet of paper with a pen, and then write the name that you want to give your pet into the input field/array.

Bestowing rights to others Edit

You can give other players permission to feed, harvest from and wash your pets by using the padlock-symbol in the top right corner of the pet-window and choosing an option.

Creativerse Autumn Leafi pet setting rights92

Finding out what pets like to eat Edit

Creativerse HotFoot favorite food19

Pets can be harvested, but only if you feed them first. Generally they do not have to be fed at all to survive, but only to produce materials as a livestock. In the pet-window the favorite Food of each pet is shown (and you can get more information about it by hovering your mouse-cursor over the icon of the food).

Usually there are three types of possible favorite food that each creature-race can have. Mind that specific Soups, Breads, Sandwiches or Pies are being shown, so feeding other variants of the same type of food (Mushroom Sandwich instead of Jerky Sandwich or common Bread instead of Wholesome Bread) will not bear the same good results.

Creativerse mossy leafi likes melon26

Some pets might be content with very simple food like melons or mushrooms, others will do with bread of different kind, but some are demanding, as they might either only want Pies (so you'll have to tame Chizzards, Blizzard Chizzards or Night Chizzards and harvest Chizzard Eggs from them first), or stuff made with Questionable Jerky like Chizzard Pot Pie, Jerky Sandwich or Chizzard Noodle Soup.

You might want to try taming more creatures of a kind of animal until you get a modest one if you think that baking pies for them is asked a bit too much. But the available options might not be too different, depending on the type of creature. Some animals will always demand corrupted food for example, so you will only be able to find specimen that either want corrupted soup, corrupted bread or corrupted sandwiches...

You can still feed pets different stuff than their favorite food too! Even merely one mushroom or any type of crops will do. But the harvest of pets will be best if you feed them their favorite food. Otherwise you could get pretty useless stuff as a harvest, and not what you might have hoped for...

Feeding Edit

Creativerse chizzard pet eating92

Pets do not need to eat at all, they won't die from starving. In fact Pets are generally immortal (except if you dismiss them or they get lost because of a bug). Which means that night creatures will not burn in sunlight when they have become Pets.

But as long as pets are hungry or dirty, you cannot harvest from them. Pets are ready to feed if they show a food-symbol in their pet-window and also in the thinking-bubble over their head when you get close to them.

If you have (prepared/cooked) some of that favorite food or alternatives, you can drag the food with the left button of your mouse from your inventory over the pet-window. It's similar to how you make your own character eat food (dragging food over the character's model on the right side to the inventory). Right-click should work as well.

If you drag a whole stack of food to the pet-window, only one piece will be eaten, same as when feeding your own player-character. You will see a special animation in the pet-window while the pet is eating. If you skip the first or any following animation, then afterwards you won't be shown any more feeding-animations from any pets until you relog.

Harvesting from pets Edit

Creativerse blizzard chizzard harvest23

After feeding your pets, they will be content while digesting the food. And after waiting a little longer (a few minutes), they will be ready for harvest.

If a pet is ready to be harvested from, it will show a wood mining cell - symbol in its thinking-bubble over it's head as well as in its pet-window.

To harvest from them, just "pull" them when the green X shows, like you would with any kind of block or plant normally. No power cell is needed for that, and even lumite power cells won't make harvesting from pets any faster.

Pets will show a special animation then. Just pull with left-click long enough until you hear a sound and can see the icons of harvested materials on your screen (and in your inventory of course).

Some Pets will give different harvests than the materials that the same animals would drop if being killed or dismissed. For example:

Washing your pets Edit

Creativerse Rambeau pet harvest757
Creativerse Chizzard Pet cleaning R23 57175
Creativerse Rockster Pet washing030
Right after harvesting pets you will notice - upon closer examination - that the pet is dirty (maybe it has dirtied itself?). That's where the Washer comes into play. The pet will also ask to be washed by showing the washer in the thinking bubble over it's head and in the pet-window.

To wash a pet, take the washer in hand (first into a quickslot, then select the quickslot and use right-click to "ready" it) and get close enough to your pet until the green X is showing. Then use the washer with left-click for 7 seconds on your pet to clean the pet until the green bar is full. The pet will show a special animation while being cleaned.

Only after cleaning the pet the circle will repeat itself: after a while the pet will get hungry again and will then be ready to be fed, and a little later on it can be harvested, washed, and so on.

Keeping your pets Edit

Creativerse golden keepa stay94

Pets might wander off quite far if they get bugged or are set to "wander" currently, so better keep them in a corral, on an island surrounded by water, in a closed room or the like - and better don't forget to tell them to "stay" in their pet-window. Other than that they are immortal.

Pets don't need much space, and can even overlap each other at one spot - but you might want to give each of your pets their own space to keep them seperately and be able to interact with them properly. You will have to set them to "follow" and position them by walking around until you can tell them to "stay" when they stop at a a suitable spot.

As said; currently Pets are livestock, similar to cows and chicken.

For now there are no mounts in Creativerse as of March 2016. Your pets will not fight alongside your player-character whenever your character starts to hit creatures nor will they attack other players in PvP, and Pets cannot be given commands like to defend your character or your belongings automatically, so they also cannot serve as watchdogs. Pets will not attack nor drive away other Pets neither. Pets do not help with harvesting, they don't give your character any kind of buffs or boosts, they cannot carry any stuff for you, they cannot be called to you from a distance and they cannot be sent anywhere at your command.

Creativerse Party Keepas holiday pet hat left53

Instead you can harvest infinite amounts of stuff (including Gunpowder, rare recipes, Corruption Dust, pieces of armor, torches, lamps, Tourmaline, Arcstones, etc.) from them easier than by searching for the same creatures and hunting them; which would take longer and make your sword (and perhaps also armor) lose durability. Also three types of materials can only be obtained from Pets: Chizzard Eggs, Blizzard Chizzard Eggs and Pigsy Droppings.

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