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In Creativerse, animals can be tamed in order to become "livestock" to be kept, fed and harvested from.

When you feed them their favorite food, Pets will become a constant supply of animal materials and additional "drops", including Arcstones, Tourmaline, Corruption Dust, Gunpowder and so on.

Chizzard Eggs can only be obtained from tamed Chizzards or Night Chizzards). Blizzard Chizzard Eggs are obtainable only from tamed Blizzard Chizzards. And Pigsy Droppings can only be obtained from tamed Pigsies, Night Pigsies or Night Hoglets.

Occasionally specific Pets will provide you with rare crafting Recipes, Data Chips, Notes or Torn Journal Pages and crafted items or blocks.

Warnings Edit

Attention: a current bug is known to displace Pets randomly either upwards or downwards, rarely somewhere to the side or to the destination of a teleporter that was near their stable.

Check your Map (default key "m" to open your map) for cyan blue dots and hover your mouse button over them to see if your Pets are still in the same area/on the claim where you've put them. The bug that ate "wandering" Pets one after another is supposed to be fixed though.

Another bug that is still around is that now and then Pets might not follow you correctly after being tamed, escpecially when you go through a Teleporter or go too fast (like with a Glider) for them to catch up.

Usually these Pets can be found at the place where they have stopped following you. They might still be set to "follow", but it's possible that they won't move at all until you set them to "stay" (in their pet window when you "activate" them with right click or "f" as the default key), then step back several blocks and afterwards set them to "follow" again.

The same goes for Pets that won't continue to follow you after your player character was defeated or after you have logged out/were disconnected. Just tell them to "stay" first, and then to "follow" you again.

Taming Edit

Currently nearly all Creatures that you can find in any Creativerse-world can be tamed to become your Pets, including Keepas, Things and Rockzillas.

Only Creatures summoned with Mob Spawners and Ghost Creatures (that "naturally" appear only during certain event times) cannot be tamed. Mob Spawners are not intended to let you "farm" infinite animal loot, instead they are Machines that spawn specific Creatures as a fighting challenge, intended to be used within Adventures for other players with customary loot provided by Adventure creators. Player-spawned Creatures can also serve as watch dogs activated by Sensors or traps, and can be used to fill stables or other areas with animal life.

You can tame Creatures with Taming Collars that you will have to craft first from easy-to-come by materials after unlocking the according crafting recipe by mining common grey Stone, crafting or obtaining a Stone Mining Cell and crafting or obtaining a Basic Health Potion.

Equip your Taming Collar by right clicking on it in your inventory/bag and ready it by pressing "TAB" as the default key. Go up to the Creature that you want to tame while having the bell in your hand, until you see your chosen cursor (you can select the crosshair type in "Game Settings" and "Graphics") turn cyan blue.

Simply use the Taming Collar on the selected creature by holding down your left mouse button as long as it needs for the displayed green bar to fill. You will see the exact required taming time being displayed below the bar. Taming can take from 5 seconds (non-aggressive surface Creatures) to 25 seconds (Corrupted Creatures), while the toughest Creature takes the longest to tame: the Thing will take 30 seconds. Please refer to the overview-article Creatures or the articles about the specific Creature you're interested in, to see how long it will take to tame them.

The taming process can be interrupted by a number of occurances though; like being outdistanced, being blinded, being knocked back or simply losing your aim because of another Creature walking between you and the Creature you are currently taming. Then you will have to start the whole taming process from the beginning.

Please note that the "aim" of the Taming Collar is a bit vague too, so if you attempt to tame a Creature that stands right next to another Creature, you might inadvertantly start to tame the other Creature instead of the one that your cursor is actually pointing at.

Taming Strategies Edit

Most Creatures will not be happy with being tamed and will either put up a fight and/or try to run away (depending on the type of creature), so you will have to use different strategies to make them hold still and let your character survive for the timespan that you'll need for taming.

You can use Potions (like Basic Health Potions or Resistance Potions against elemental damage) and/or Explosives of all kind while keeping on taming. Just keep your finger on your left mouse button and aim at the Creature while pressing the number of the quickslot with a stack of consumables or throwables you want to use. You can press the same quickslot number a second time to consume or throw one item of the whole stack (please note the cooldown that usually lasts 3 seconds), or you can click your right mouse button alternatively.

Stun Bombs are very recommended for taming. They will render all Creatures in their affection range immobile for 6 seconds; which means you should use a Stun Bomb ca. every 5 seconds. Otherwise, if the Creature "wakes up" and starts to prepare its special attack, it's already too late to throw another Stun Bomb, because even if the Creature already starts to show its "stunned" animation, the special attack will still hit and could interrupt the taming process.

If you use too many Stun Bombs on a Creature (which usually only happens when the taming process is interrupted several times and has to be restarted all over), Creatures can be killed, since Stun Bombs inflict a little bit of damage each. Also, Stun Bombs will knock all Creatures back a little, so you should be prepared to either follow up or aim at the floor or at a solid wall or the like behind the Creature to avoid a knockback.

Globs of Goo (occasionally obtained from Creatures when killing or pet-harvesting them, or made from Mold in a Processor) can slow Creatures down. This works well with flight animals like common green Leafies and Keepas of all kinds. You can just walk behind them and keep taming them; however you will have to throw another Glob of Goo every 3 seconds so your prey won't speed up again. Globs of Goo will not stun Creatures and as such won't prevent them from attacking your player character.

Since R45 in July 2017 you cannot tame Creatures from a safe place where they cannot reach you, like across gaps or fences, from ladders or platforms and the like. The bog water exploit was fixed as well. Creatures now sense that they cannot defend themselves and will retreat to a distance until you're close enough to taunt them once more.

Creativerse 2017-07-26 03-45-33-80 taming trick01

Attention: trapping Creatures currently might not work well either because of a bug that lets Creatures glitch upwards or downwards all of a sudden, or sends them flying high up into the air.

Occasionally it might still be possible to trap them from time to time, as long as the bug doesn't occur. You can lure Creatures into Teleporters to a taming arena that you have prepared beforehand for example. There, you can use Fans to shove Creatures into a certain position and/or to immobilize them. However this might not always work like intended, so be warned.

Pit traps have to be 3 blocks deep with steep edges (no steps) to work efficiently, since Creatures cannot jump or climb up more than 2 blocks, not even on worlds with low gravity (except if hurled into the sky because of a bug). Creatures cannot climb ladders, so you can use this inability to lure them into a pit and climb out of it by using a ladder, then taming them from above - as long as the pit is narrow enough to not let them retreat too far...

"Leading" Pets Edit

Currently (July 2017), there seems to be no limit to the number of Pets you can have and no limit to the number of Pets that can be kept in the same area close together or even on the same spot overlapping each other. However when your character approaches a corral full of pets, lags can occur.

Pets are immortal; they won't die from touching liquids nor will they burn away in sunlight or be able to drown. So you can also keep tamed Night Creatures and Underground Creatures on the surface; they won't mind.

As soon as your new Pets have successfully been tamed and hearts are flying from them in your direction, they will also start to follow you (since R43 in May 2017) automatically - except for Warmworms that can't move.

Pets that follow you properly will also teleport to you if they're outdistanced - however currently occasionally Pets won't follow you everywhere (like when you use a Glider) or might stop before entering a Teleporter.

Usually it works better to teleport back to your Touchstone than using teleporters. When your player-character dies it can happen that the pets that have been following will not show up at the touchstone with the character, but will wait for their owner at the Death Statue instead.

"Placing" Pets Edit

The best thing to do then is to make Pets follow you to a specific area where they cannot wander off too far from, like a corral or enclosure, a large room with doors, overhanging platforms with ladders or islands surrounded by water at least 2 blocks above the water surface.

You can place the Pet onto a specific block by aiming at this block (with the cross hairs on your screen) and pressing "i" (default key). (All) Pets currently following you will then position themselves on this block.

Or you can also just lead them somewhere into their "corral", open their pet-windows and set them to "stay" whereever they are at that moment.

Interact with your Pets by looking at them (so that their name is shown on the bottom of your screen, which is most important for Rockzilla Pets for example) and pressing "f" by default or clicking your right mouse button to open their pet-window.

In this window you can set your Pets to stay aswell as to "wander". The bug that has let wandering Pets vanish is supposed to be fixed - but you'll have to let them wander at your own risk...

Pets do not need a special surrounding or biome to stay alive. They can be kept in any kind of biome, even under water, since after taming they get invulnerable to cold or heat, corruption/purifying, drowning - and night creatures won't burn in sunlight any longer as soon as they have been tamed.

In rare cases bugs can occur that let Pets start to wander when told to "stay" or even suddenly start to follow you.

Killing Pets Edit

Dismission will basically kill pets, since they will drop their usual loot and other pets and creatures nearby will flee in fear when witnessing it. Pets can be dismissed anytime after they have been tamed (even right away), and will then vanish after leaving a Loot Bag containing whatever usual loot they normally drop when they've been killed.

This Loot Bag will never contain Pigsy Droppings or Chizzard Eggs/Blizzard Chizzard Eggs - these can only be obtained by harvesting from your Pets after feeding them their favorite food.

Please note that other players can dismiss your Pets depending on your Pets' permission settings and other players' permission ranks. Pets are still automatically set to "just me", but you can change their permission rank in order to let your friends feed them and harvest from them by clicking the padlock symbol after opening the pet window.

Dressing Pets Edit

Pets can be dressed, depending on their type, with Hats and/or Bow Ties, most often even both.

You can find these kinds of Pet accessoires solely in Treasure Chests of any kind - but only occasionally.

As soon as you have obtained a Pet accessory, simply right-click your pets (or type "f" as the default key) when looking at them to open their Pet window, then drag & drop any accessory into it's slot or just (right) click on the accessories to make them switch to their according slot in the Pet window.

Dressing pets will not only make them look funny, it will also make it easier for you to differentiate your pets from wild animals. When Pets are dismissed, they will drop all worn Pet accessories into their Loot Bags. However if a bug should make a Pet vanish, any worn Pet accessories will be lost.

Naming Pets Edit

In the top right corner of the pet-window next to the name of the creature you can click the icon that looks like a small sheet of paper with a pen, and then write the name that you want to give your pet into the input field/array.

Feeding Pets Edit

Pets can be harvested, but only if you feed them first. Generally they do not have to be fed at all to survive, but only to produce materials as a livestock.

Pets are ready to feed if a food-symbol is displayed in their pet-window and also in the thinking-bubble over their head when you get close to them.

In principle you can feed any Pet different kinds of edible stuff - even merely one Mushroom or any type of Crops will do, especially if you have not yet started with farming. However often the Pet will not be satisfied with only one piece of the "wrong" type of food. So you can feed a simple Turnip to a Trog or Thing, but it is quite possible that these Pets will simply return to its hungry state a little later instead of getting ready to be harvested from.

In each pet window the favorite Food of the according pet is shown, and you can get more information about it by hovering your mouse-cursor over the icon of the food. Usually there are three types of possible favorite food for each variant of Creature.

Mind that specific Soups, Breads, Sandwiches or Pies are being shown! So feeding other variants of the same type of food will reduce the amount and quality of the pet harvest.

For example: if you feed a Mushroom Sandwich to a Keepa that prefers common Sandwich, you might not get any Arcstones when harvesting from this Keepa afterwards. Or if you feed a Brown Mushroom to a Pigsy that prefers Red Mushrooms, you might not be provided with Pigsy Droppings - and so on.

For all types of cooked food, a Cooking Station is required, and you will also have to grow Crops (Wheat does not occur naturally and the other Crops are rather rare). To do so, craft a Plow and till some land (blocks of Dirt, Mud or green Grass) adjacent to Water. Then place Seeds onto the tilled land and wait until the Crops have grown to harvest them with your gauntlet. For details, please refer to the article Farming.

Some Pets are quite demanding, as they prefer Pie. So you will have to tame Chizzards or Night Chizzards and feed these in order to harvest Chizzard Eggs from them first, since cooking Pie requires Eggs as an ingredient. Chizzard Pot Pie, Jerky Sandwich or Chizzard Noodle Soup will require Questionable Jerky as an ingredient, that can only be made from Chizzard Gizzard or Blizzard Chizzard Gizzard in a Forge. Chizzards are seemingly a cannibalistic species, especially if the meat is cooked...

You might want to try taming more creatures of the same type until you will be able to catch a "modest" one if you think that baking pies for them is asking a bit too much. But the other available options might not be too different, depending on the type of Creature.

To feed Pets, you can drag the food with the left button of your mouse from your inventory over the pet-window; or use right-click on the stack of food in your inventory/bag. To make your own character eat food you'll have to use the quickbar or drag the food over the character's model on the right side to the inventory.

Only one piece of food from a stack will be eaten in any case, unless you should click the stack several times. Nearly all Pets will also display a special eating animation, however only in their pet-window. If you skip an animation, then you won't be shown any more feeding-animations from any Pets afterwards until you relog.

Harvesting from Pets Edit

As long as pets are hungry or dirty, you cannot harvest from them. Even after feeding your pets, they will need to digest the food. During this time, their pet window will display a "thumbs up" symbol. After a few minutes, they will be ready for harvest.

If a pet is ready to be harvested from, it will show a Power Cell - symbol in its thinking-bubble over it's head as well as in its pet-window. Currently (July 2017), the Power Cell icon in the pet window is an outdated variant.

To harvest from Pets, just "pull" them when looking at them and the cursor turns cyan blue - exactly like you would with any kind of block or plant normally. No Power Cell is required for that, and even Lumite Mining Cells won't make harvesting from pets any faster. On the other hand, Power Cells also won't lose durability if you keep them equipped while harvesting a Pet.

If you try to harvest from a Pet that is not ready to be harvested from, you will just push it away with the gauntlet. Though if the Pet does not belong to you and your permission rank for it is too low, you can't even push it.

Pets will show a special animation when being harvested from, and often the sound will also indicate if your aim is right. Just keep your finger on the left mouse button for a few secons until you hear a sound and can see the icons of harvested materials displayed in small windows on your screen. They will then be in your inventory.

Some Pets will give special harvests that the same animals will not "drop" if being killed or dismissed. For example:

  • Pigsies, Night Pigsies and Night Hoglets will always give Pigsy Droppings when being harvested after eating their favorite food, but only as Pets, and never as a loot if they're killed or dismissed. Corrupted Pigsies, Feral Pigsies and BossHogs as Pets do not provide players with Pigsy Droppings in any case
  • you can get Chizzard Eggs only as pet-harvest from Chizzards or Night Chizzards (no Eggs from Corrupted Chizzards though), and you will get Blizzard Chizzard Eggs from Blizzard Chizzards only when they are Pets, but you will never get any Eggs as a loot when killing these bird Creatures. Of course tamed Chizzard types will still only provide you with Eggs for sure after eating their favorite food
  • Keepas will provide you with crafted items of a higher quality as a pet-harvest than in their Loot Bags when killed, and also rare Recipes will given by tamed Keepas more often than by killed Keepas
  • Silver Keepas and Golden Keepas will only give away 1-5 Arcstones as a pet harvest (in comparison to up to 50 Arcstones maximum obtainable from Golden Keepas as a loot), but crafted items of a higher quality and also rare Recipes more often than as a "drop"
  • on the other hand the pet harvest of Things is often less numerous and valuable than their loot would be when they are dismissed or killed
  • Corrupted Mirus will not provide you with Miru Eyes as a pet-harvest, but will drop these often as their loot when being killed (might be unintentionally, since no other corrupted creature drops animal materials)

Cleaning Pets Edit

Right after harvesting Pets (and only in this case!) you will notice upon closer examination that the Pet is dirty. This might not be obvious on all Creature models though, and will not be displayed in their pet window. Still, a Pet will not become hungry again for as long as it feels uncomfortable and filthy.

That's where the Washer comes into play. A dirty Pet will also "ask" to be washed by displaying the Washer in its thinking bubble as well as in its Pet window as an icon. Washers can be crafted after the according crafting recipe has been unlocked by collecting Water with at least an Obsidian Mining Cell equipped, crafting the Taming Collar and forging Obsidian (bars) from Obsidian Ore in a Forge.

To wash a pet, take the Washer in hand by right-clicking on it in your inventory/bag to equip it and then TAB to "ready" it. Go up to your Pet, until the cyan blue cursor is visible. Then use the Washer by holding your left mouse button for 3,5 seconds while aiming on your Pet to clean it until the green bar will be filled. Nearly all Pets will display a special animation while being cleaned (not in their pet window though).

After a while a cleaned Pet will get hungry again and will then be ready to be fed, and a little later on it can be harvested, washed, and so on - the circle will repeat itself.

Keeping Pets Edit

Pets don't need much space, and can even overlap each other at one spot - but you might want to give each of your Pets their own space to be able to interact with them properly.

Pets might wander off quite far if they are set to "wander", so better keep them in a corral, on an island surrounded by water, or in a closed room or the like. Or even better tell them to "stay" in their pet window.

Even though some Creatures are quite strong, all Pets in Creativerse are non-combative livestock, similar to cows and chicken.

For now there are no mounts. Your pets also will not fight alongside your player character nor will they attack other players, and Pets cannot be given commands to defend your character or your belongings automatically. Luckily that means that Pets will not attack nor drive away other Pets either.

Pets cannot help with harvesting, they won't provide your player character with any kind of buffs or boosts, they cannot carry stuff for you, they cannot be called to you from a distance and they cannot be sent anywhere at your command.

On the other hand they are still useful since you can harvest infinite amounts of stuff from them easier than by searching for Creatures and then hunting them; which would take longer and make your sword and perhaps also armor lose durability. If you aim to obtain rare Recipes like for the Super Extractor from Things for example, or crafted parts of armor and the like, taming is a very good alternative to hunting.

Currently three types of materials can only be obtained from Pets: Chizzard Eggs, Blizzard Chizzard Eggs and Pigsy Droppings.