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The Pigsy is a peaceful but defensive yellow common surface-dwelling Creature found in many Biomes during daytime. It is also the mascot of Creativerse itself.

Health ~70
Time to Tame: Becomes your friend in 10 seconds
Attack(s): Ram: Pigsy will swing its head to attack.

Heavy Ram: Pigsy will charge up the attack for a second, then headbutt the player airborne.

Location: Grassland, Woodlands, Forest, Tundra, Savannah, Mountains, oases in Canyons, Dunes, Shores during the day

Piggsies are generally not aggressive to the player, though they will fight back when attacked or by taming-attempts. Their special attack begins after the pigsy ducks down lowering it's head and will then send the player-character flying. Pigsies can be charmed to follow by the player using Eau de Pigsy and can be scared by explosions or battles close to them.

To kill a Pigsy, before April 2017 they just had to be hit by a Twig 15 times, a Wood Sword 10 times, a Stone Sword 7 times, an Obsidian or Diamond Sword 2 times, or a Lumite Sword 1 time. With update R41 the hitpoints of Pigsies have been reduced, now they only need to be hit 12-13 times with a Twig.

After being killed, Pigsies will drop Loot Bags, often containing Leather, Bones, Crystal Shards, Globs of Goo, and/or (rarely) Sinews. Leather is a crafting material used to craft Leather armor, together with Bones (also dropped by Pigsies) and Rockster Rocks from Rocksters and Night Rocksters.

Pigsies as Pets will also provide a special "harvest" additionally to their usual "drops"; namely Pigsy Droppings with every pet-harvest, which can be used as fertilizer for Crops to speed up their growth. Fertilizer is not necessary to grow Crops though.

Pet pigsies might like to eat Red Mushrooms, Bread or even Chizzard Pot Pie. Pets with more modest eating-predilections will not give any less nor less valuable harvests. Pet Pigsies will stick their tongues out when being cleaned.

Pigsies will most often spawn on blocks of Grass and Dead Grass, but can also show up on or near many other blocks like Dirt or Savannah Grass. If you place enough of such blocks into any biome or underground layer, Pigsies can spawn there too.

During nighttime, while many Pigsies are asleep, Night Pigsies or Night Hoglets (the latter mainly in Woodlands and Forest) might spawn nearby them in darkness.

Night creatures won't "replace" ordinary Pigsies, and Pigsies also do not transform into night creatures, but since yellow Pigsies will only spawn during the day, you might not meet any when travelling at night, and you will instead come across night creatures only.

A Note found in treasure chests mentions a Pet pigsy.

Pigsy has three more relatives other than the Night Pigsy and the small Night Hoglet: the aggressive Corrupted Pigsy roving about in the Corruption layer deep underground, the roguishly wild Feral Pigsy living in the Jungle (that can nowadays also often be spotted in Swamplands), and the proud territorial BossHog roaming the Savannahs.

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