Pixi is an unknown entity described by the writer of the Torn Journal Pages. She is possibly the author of all the Data Chips. It is commonly believed that she is an artificial intelligence created with arctek technology by a (human) man who stranded on a Creativerse world. Some suspect Pixi might have been the first arctek gauntlet.

  • The Scientist plans to invent Pixi as a companion for his loneliness
  • Pixi's birth
  • Pixi references Johnny Appleseed
  • Pixi upgraded with a Stone Mining Cell
  • The Scientist slips on a banana peel
  • Pixi entertained by The Scientist slipping on a banana peel
  • The Scientist regrets teaching Pixi about haikus
  • Pixi's haiku
  • Pixi admits that The Scientist is like her father
  • The Scientist likens Pixi to a child and thinks about taking away privileges
  • Pixi's reboot sequence
  • Pixi's data loss
  • Pixi worries about The Scientist
  • Pixi intervenes
  • The Crumpled Note in your pocket...

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