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Basic InformationEdit

The Rainbownator 5000 is a sword with a unique look that emits pale sparks. A rainbow-effect will be displayed whenever you swing it, and additional rainbow colored effects can be seen when hitting Creatures.

The Rainbownator 5000 causes 100 damage points, which is the same damage output as the Lumite Sword and Legendary Golden Sword, currently the maximum possible damage.

How to obtainEdit

Players who have received the crafting recipe can craft this rare sword for you if you invite them to your game-world. Please note that items are not transferable between Creativerse game-worlds.

The crafting recipe for this sword cannot be unlocked in the game in any other way than by receiving and using a redemption code given by Playful.

Sometimes redemption codes might only hand out the (already crafted) sword as an item, but not the crafting recipe. This was the case when Early Access ended and an according gift bundle was granted to players via redemption code for only 2 days.

How to unlock the crafting recipeEdit

This sword can only be crafted after receiving the rare crafting recipe via redemption code either as a reward or during temporary (usually only valid for 1-2 days) give-aways organized by the developers (Playful), which happens infrequently and is announced on the Steam forums or on social media, like for example.

In March 2018 you could earn yourself a Rainbownator 5000 recipe by winning this building contest for example:

The crafting recipe for the Rainbownator 5000 is not transferrable between players. There is no rare Recipe page or Recipe book for it, and the recipe will not be unlocked when the item itself or any other item is obtained.

Players who have received the crafting recipe for the Rainbownator 5000 will then keep it for an unlimited time, even though the give-away codes usually expire very quickly.

How to craftEdit

To craft 1 Rainbownator 5000 you'll need:


With update R41 on May 1st 2017 the Rainbownator 5000 was upgraded to Lumite-sword level and the crafting recipe was changed too. Before R41, the Rainbownator 5000 merely afflicted 15 damage points and was not stronger than a Stone Sword; it also only required Stone, Vines, Leather and Bones to be crafted. This crafting recipe is now no longer valid.

Older Rainbownators 5000 that were crafted before May 1st 2017 have much less durability left now, because newly crafted swords have a lot more maximum durability when being newly crafted which the older swords do not achieve.

Even this unique weapon will lose a bit of durability whenever you hit a creature with it until it falls apart completely. The durability is indicated by a bar over the icon of the sword - in your equipment slot next to your character's portrait as well as on the main screen visible over the weapon slot. You might want to be prepared and take a new sword with you if your current one already hasn't much durability left!