Creativerse Rambeau Pet338
Time to tame: Tamed in 20 seconds
Attack(s): Ram: Rambeau will whip its head about to damage the player.

Heavy Ram: Rambeau will charge for a second, then headbutt the player airborne.

Location: Top of mountains; near peakstone and snow
Notes: Rambeaus share the exact same attacks as pigsies.
This defensive creature is found in Alpine and Mountain biomes near dark Peakstone.
Creativerse Taming Rambeau10011
Rambeaus are quite hardy- they can take and dish out a good chunk of damage. Rambeaus also have a special attack that will send players airborne. Coupled with the fact that they live in the mountains, it is not uncommon for even experienced players to fall to their deaths due to the knockback.

Rambeau will spawn on Peakstone in player-made biomes/arenas.

Rambeau can drop a Rambeau Tuft, Brown Mushrooms, Ice, and Snow, as well as Bones, Sinews and Globs of Goo. The same materials can be harvested from Rambeaus when they are Pets.

Creativerse Rambeau Pet R23 00011
Rambeaus are one of many creatures that can be spawned from a mob spawner.
Creativerse Rambeau Tuft R23 2772
Creativerse Artwork Rambeau Mob lightfiretech004

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