Creativerse tooltip creature fashion R38 008
Creativerse fashionable Keepa R38 008

Red Top Hats are accessory items in Creativerse that can rarely be found in randomly spawning Treasure Chests and can only be worn by Pets (tamed Creatures).

To dress up a Pet of yours (or Pets of other players that you are allowed to access), open the Pet window by using right-click or "f" (default key) while looking at the Pet, then click on any accessory that you have found and are carrying in your inventory to move it into the correct accessory slot of the Pet.

If you "dismiss" a Pet, all its accessories will be dropped in its Loot Bag. However if a Pet should go missing because of a bug, the accessory will be lost together with the Pet.

Presently (in May 2017), player characters cannot wear any hats. However helmets have been taken out of the game in 2016 to be revised, so it's very likely that helmet slots will return together with an option to also wear hats somewhen in the future.

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