Time to tame: ~10 seconds
Location: Player-made altars, during the day
Creativerse Rockzilla natural Sand under Snow85
Creativerse Rockzilla without water002
Creativerse Rockzilla without water001
Creativerse Rockzilla Corruption layer76
Creativerse Rockzilla taming00111
Creativerse Rockzilla loot killed001
Creativerse Rockzilla pet-window R29
Creativerse Rockzilla loot002
Creativerse Obsidian Brick Wall1881
Creativerse Coral100
Creativerse Coal Torch1118
Creativerse R29 Rockzilla pet-harvest46

This oversized Rockster Boss cannot be met in any natural environments.

Rockzilla has to be summoned by building an "altar" from:

When building a flat platform from these "ingredients" then it won't take long for Rockzilla to appear when you visit the area again during daytime. It does not spawn at night.

Sometimes a Rockzilla might show up while still building this altar, sometimes it might take a few real life hours or ingame-days for the first Rockzilla to spawn.

Take care when you encounter this giant on a non-peaceful world, because Rockzilla is aggressive and his claws have a significant range!

If you have built your base (even just the floor) from temple-related blocks, then you shouldn't decorate it with too many corals or shorewood, because that might make Rockzilla appear in your home.

As long as the blocks and/or lamps that "attract" Rockzilla are not removed, another Rockzilla will spawn again at the same place approximately every ingame-day, sometimes even as soon as another player comes in range.

When killed or dismissed, Rockzilla might drop

You can tame Rockzillas and feed them to harvest the same things from them that they would usually drop, sometimes in a higher amount. Rockzillas as Pets can either like Wholesome Pie, Melon Pie or Chizzard Pot Pie as their favorite food.

Here's an official statement about how to build an altar for Rockzilla from the developers:

"He does require a certain number of beach blocks -- sand is one of them but you could use anything found in beach areas (including coral, seashells, shorewood, etc.). ..." - PlayfulDavid, Feb 13th 2016

Since this statement was made, things might have changed though, because blocks of Sand alone as for the beach-related altar building material won't make Rockzilla spawn, however Seashells that will spawn on blocks of Sand over time can, as long as their amount is high enough.

However - much like with Saplings - sometimes an area just might just not be to Rockzilla's liking, so it might refuse to spawn even if you have placed enough (20) Corals or Shorewood or the like and (40) temple-related blocks together with torches...

Please note that Rockzilla will only spawn during the day and not during night-times. Building an Rockzilla altar close to your touchstone might prevent Rockzilla from spawning in some cases. Also if you stay close to an Rockzilla altar during the night, then no Rockzilla might spawn in the morning.

If too many other Creatures already spawn nearby (like on other Rockzilla altars, on artificial arenas that are too close or even in caves underground), then no Rockzilla might show up either.

Flat altars still work well, but pyramids or other structures might not make Rockzilla spawn. Also please note that it might simply take a while after building the altar (much like with any other artificial arena) until the first spawn is going to happen. It might take a few real life hours or two ingame-days in some cases.

Currently (September 2016) Water is not a requirement to summon Rockzilla and won't raise the spawning rate.

Campfires and LEDs are insufficient lighting to make a Rockzilla altar work. Obsidian Floor and pinkish-brown Hidden Temple blocks (like Hidden Temple Wall) will not make Rockzilla appear either.

Here are some examples for temple-related blocks that work well to make Rockzilla spawn:

Obsidian Brick Wall

Checkered Obsidian Wall

Rhombus Obsidian Wall

Square Obsidian Wall

Ornamental Stone Wall

Ornamental Swirl Stone Wall

Octagon Diamond Wall

Square Diamond Wall

Star Diamond Wall

Aztec Furnace Wall

Crossed Furnace Wall

Grated Furnace Wall

Golden Wall

Banded Golden Wall

Studded Golden Wall

Shattered Lumite Wall

Shattered Dark Lumite Wall

Shattered Light Lumite Wall

Issues with the hitbox and pet-harvests of Rockzilla have been fixed with R29. However t's still rather hard to hit Rockzilla despite its size. After taming a Rockzilla, its pet-window only shows a part of its large chest and you will have to aim at the floor below to activate him in order to feed the big guy.

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