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Basic Information Edit

Seeds are used to plant Crops on tilled land (see Farming).

Currently there are 4 kinds of Crops in Creativerse:

How to obtaining Seeds Edit

Wheat Seeds can be randomly obtained by collecting Tallgrass or Savannah Tallgrass (even after you've placed it yourself). Once in a while, Wheat Seeds will be an extra harvest additional to the grass

The other three types of Seeds can only be obtained by putting Horned Melons, Turnips or Crisphead Lettuces into a Processor.

Three of this Crops will spawn over time on all game worlds of Creativerse at random locations and such they can be found by scouring the lands, in order to be processed into Seeds.

More and more of these three Crops will slowly spawn on game worlds where players are active. In the beginning they might be rare, but the longer you play on a game world, the more of them will show up. Staying close to suitable Biomes for a while can make them appear more quickly.

Rarely additional Seeds will be obtained when harvesting Crops that players have grown themselves.

Also if you harvest your Crops too soon (like when they're still sprouts), you will only get one Seed each, but no Crops. It's the same as if you had just picked up a planted Seed again instead of letting it grow at all.

The "Pro" world option "more regrowth" should make more Turnips spawn on suitable Biomes on the surface of the game-world even faster.

Seeds cannot be eaten by player characters or Pets directly.

Processing Crops into Seeds Edit

Each Crop can be processed into 2 according Seeds each, and no crafting recipe has to be unlocked for that.

How to grow Crops Edit

You can grow Crops from Seeds on tilled blocks of Dirt, green Grass and/or Mud. First place such natural blocks over a body of Water or Mineral Water, or alternatively place these liquids directly adjacent to each block of Dirt, Grass or Mud (like directly below for example, or at least corner to corner).

This can even be done underground in complete darkness and/or in a building, but not at too high altitudes, not in too cold nor too hot Biomes/layers, and not too close to Swamplands or pools of Bog Water. Even some areas in Forests can sometimes be unsuitable for Crops.

In unsuitable areas, Seeds will stay "fallow" and won't grow under any circumstances. However, they can simply be picked up again in order to be planted elsewhere, and won't be wasted.

Next craft a Plow and use it on the solid blocks to till them; they will turn into "tilled land". Then place Seeds on the tilled land (just like you'd place any block). You can, but you do not need to fertilize Seeds with Pigsy Droppings in order to make your Crops grow faster.

Wait a bit until the Crops are ripe to receive the best harvest. Wheat needs approx. 50 minutes (real-life-time) to grow from seeds into ripe plants, even if you're offline. Lettuce needs about 60 minutes, Turnips not much longer (ca. 61 minutes), Horned Melons need ca. 90 minutes until they're ripe.

Crops can be harvested by being "pulled" with the gauntlet and left mouse button (by default) just like any other type of block, item, plant or liquid. If Crops stay "ripe" for 24 RL hours, they will turn into "grown" Crops. The harvest will become a little less then, but Crops won't ever wither.

Please refer to the article Farming if you want to learn more about growing Crops.

Tree Saplings Edit

Saplings can only be grown into trees. Planting trees is much easier than growing Crops; it only takes a block of green Grass or brown Dirt and sunlight - tree saplings have to be placed somewhere on the surface to grow, they won't grow underground. You can place several Saplings adjacent to each other, which might cause thicker trees to grow (not every time though).

It will take ca. 15-16 RL hours for trees to grow, even if you're offline. Saplings can be fertilized with Pigsy Droppings as well, but will not grow significantly faster afterwards.

Different to ingame tips shown on loading screens, the presence Water or other liquids is not even necessary for tree saplings to grow into trees. However, most areas that are unfitting to grow Crops are also unfitting for saplings and will let them stay fallow. Elderwood trees can be grown in colder areas than the other trees though, and they can be planted on Snow Caps.