Creativerse shredded leaves R39
Creativerse Shredded Leaves Processing R39
Shredded Leaves
Creativerse shredded leaves at 104 R39
Creativerse shredded leaves burning R39
Creativerse shredded leaves on the lava layer R39
Creativerse Bed crafting R39
Creativerse crafting thatched walls
Creativerse crafting thatched roofs R39
Creativerse unlocking bed R39
Creativerse unlocking carpet R39

Shredded Leaves are created by placing at least 1 block of any kind of Leaves (except for Corrupted Leaves) into a Processor.

This will yield 4 blocks of Shredded Leaves each.

Shredded Leaves can be used to craft Beds and certain building blocks (see below), but can also be placed directly into the world as building-blocks or for any hay-like decoration-purpose.

For this, following leaves can be used to be processed into Shredded Leaves: Cragwood Leaves, Elderwood Leaves, Ashenwood Leaves, Citrus Autumnwood Leaves, Cinnamon Autumnwood Leaves, Mocha Autumnwood Leaves, Shorewood Leaves, Wildwood Leaves, Dark Wildwood Leaves, Weepwood Leaves or Parchwood Leaves. As mentioned, Corrupted Leaves of any kind cannot be shredded.

Shredded Leaves are well inflammable, a bit more than other blocks like Thatched Walls or fresh tree Leaves, however not as extremely flammable as Tar.

Shredded Leaves will burn

  • when being placed on any kind of blocks in a very hot environment like on the Lava layer
  • being placed on hot rocks stacked together like Hardened Lava, even in a cool to hot environment
  • by placing any kind of torches or open flames (Fire Pits, Campfires etc.) right under blocks of Shredded Leaves in very warm environments (ca. 106 "Creativerse degrees" or higher)

However Shredded Leaves do not burn in moderately temperatured environments nor when placing a certain amount of Snow and/or Ice together and then placing Shredded Leaves on top. In cold environment, only Tar can be set on fire easily. Common Leaves and Wood will start to burn at ca. 113 "Creativerse degrees" or higher, while Thatched Walls require an even higher temparature of the surrounding. Thatched Roofs are non-flammable as of R39 in March 2017.

If one flammable block starts burning, also other inflammable blocks nearby will catch fire, even in moderately temperatured biomes like Swamplands, and this way even a whole Jungle or Forest can burn down in the worst case. Placing units of Water or other liquids onto burning blocks won't put the fire out, and flammable blocks can even keep on spreading fire when under water.

Fire can be stopped from spreading by creating gaps/breaches wide enough so that the flames cannot leap over, or by claiming the area and disabling the option for "fire spread" on the claim. Players who bought the "Pro" upgrade can also disable the spreading on fire on their whole worlds.

Shredded Leaves (or other inflammable blocks) can not be used as a fuse to detonate TNT-bombs anymore as of now, March 2017.

Shredded Leaves are an ingredient in the following recipes:

Shredded Leaves is one of the unlocking requirements for the following crafting recipes:

( A note for everyone who doesn't speak English well: "inflammable" is just another word for "flammable", it does not mean "non-flammable": )

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