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Snow can be found on any Creativerse world.

Large cubic blocks of Snow usually cover very cold areas like in Taigas or on top of high Mountains.

Small "stompable" blocks of Snow are common in cool biomes and can rest on top of many other natural blocks such as Ice on frozen Oceans or on Dead Grass in Tundras, but also on Sand next to frozen bodies of water, on any kind of Canyon-type blocks and even rarely on Cacti.

When placing blocks or items (like torches for example) on thin layers of Snow, the Snow layer will be compressed and simply vanish.

Additionally to that, several Elderwood trees in cold biomes like Taigas and Tundras do not consist of common Elderwood Leaves, but snowy variants.

Snow can be foraged like any other block without requiring any equipped Power Cells to do so. Thin layers of Snow will turn into cubic blocks of Snow in your inventory then, but Snowy Elderwood Leaves will usually only turn into common Elderwood Leaves without any additional Snow. Blocks of Snow Cap are not "Snow" per se, because they will stay Snow Caps when harvested and cannot be processed nor plowed.

Cubic blocks of Snow can be transformed into thin and stompable layers of Snow by using an equipped Plow on them.

Snow can be put into the Processor to craft throwable Snowcubes that can hurt Creatures.

Snow can be placed into the world like most other blocks, and such can be used for building purposes. Without any artificial light nearby, Blizzard Chizzards can spawn on blocks of Snow during the day, and Arctic Mirus can spawn during the night. Rambeaus need Peakstone to spawn and will not spawn on pure Snow. Also Wood Treasure Chests can spawn on Snow during the night in complete darkness occasionally.

Snow, when placed, will only melt in hot biomes like the Lava layer, but can withstand mild temperature just fine. Snow can be melted by placing several blocks of Hardened Lava around blocks of snow, or even liquid Lava. However, if not enough Hardened Lava blocks are placed together, they will cool down to Igneous Rock, and liquid Lava will usually quickly turn into Hardened Lava when placed onto Snow.

Throwing Fire Bombs at Snow will melt them since R41.

CAUTION! Walking on Snow or Ice (even when placed into warmer biomes) will bring up a frozen meter that will slowly fill itself with white color the longer you stay in the cold.

If you stay on Snow for too long without any precautions, your player character will start to receive cold damage over time and can freeze to death in the end.

To prevent freezing to death, simply place at least 3 torches on the Snow or on any other type of ground. Once standing direktly on one of these 3 torches you will see your frozen meter rapidly drop. You can also place at least 3-4 blocks on top of each other to stand on; as long as your character is far away from cold blocks like Snow or Ice, the freeze meter will go down.

Freeze Resistance Potions will prevent the freeze meter from filling for 10 minutes, and will also reduce the damage over time taken from freezing to half.

Frigid Food can be made with Blizzard Chizzard Eggs as ingredients (only harvestable from tamed Blizzard Chizzards, not by killing them). Frigid Soup will cut freezing damage in half, while Frigid Pie and Frigid Sandwich will both even turn the freezing damage into an healing effect. This applies also to the freeze damage that Blizzard Chizzards, Rambeaus and Arctic Mirus can inflict.