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The Speed Potion increases movement speed for 300 seconds after consuming.

Use it by putting a (stack of) Speed Potion into any quickslot, select this slot and click your right mouse button. Alternatively you can drag a (stack of) Speed Potion(s) from the inventory over your character's portrait on the right side.

Currently (as of R41 in April 2017) you cannot obtain this potion from creatures nor treasure chests, however you can craft it yourself in your crafting menu (to be opened by typing "q" as the default key).

Before being able to craft it, the crafting recipe for the Speed Potion has to be unlocked by crafting (or taking) an Advanced Health Potion (as of April 2017).

To craft 2 Speed Potions at a time, you'll need:

Additionally to that you can cook different types of Food at the Cooking Station that will increase the maximum Stamina of your player character, like Corrupted Soup, Pie, Chizzard Pot Pie, Corrupted Pie, Corrupted Sandwich, Melon Pie or Melon Sandwich. The "Pro" update also provides your player character with a permanent increase of your (maximum) Stamina on all Creativerse worlds from 100 to 200 points.

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The Speed Potion has been a "Stamina Regeneration Potion" before R41 that was only able to speed up the self-healing of Stamina over time for 10 minutes after being consumed. However this potion did not allow you to regenerate Stamina when standing/swimming in Water (or other liquids), and the Stamina Regeneration Potion also did not affect the blue Stamina that is used up by the boost of Gliders.