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Like all other Power Cells the Stone Mining Cell too is an all-purpose-tool for mining rocks and harvesting blocks/materials, except for Ores.

Since R40 at the end of March 2017, Stone Mining Cells are now the first tier of Power Cells after Wood Mining Cells were taken out of the game.

Stone Mining Cells can be found in Obsidian Treasure Chests on the Stalactite layer underground sometimes, or can more easily be crafted by yourself in your Crafting Menu (default key "Q").

The crafting-recipe needed to craft Stone Mining Cells has to be unlocked at first by mining/collecting common grey Stone. Stone can now be pulled by Arctek gauntlets without requiring any Power Cells. Stone is easy to find by simply venturing a few steps into any shallow Caves, or by digging (steps) downwards through the topmost softer layer (most often made of Dirt), until you will reach the Fossil layer.

To craft one Stone Mining Cell, you will need (as of R43 in May 2017):

Crafting or taking a Stone Mining Cell is one of the requirements to unlock the crafting recipes for Obsidian Mining Cells, Forges, Stone Chests, Wiring Tools, Plows, Switches, Blocks of Goo and for Taming Collars.

You will need the Stone Mining Cell to pull Bedrock, Limestone and/or Magnetite on the Fossil layer (like in shallow Caves), as well as Mold and Tourmaline further down, but also Canyonstone, Dark Canyonstone and Ruddy Canyonstone in Canyons on the surface, Peakstone high up in Mountains, or Ice from frozen Oceans or rivers (often hidden under a thin layer of Snow).

Pulling these hard rocks will drain the durability of your Stone Mining Cell significantly, while pulling Stone will drain the power of your Stone Mining Cell only moderately.

However pulling Dirt, Grass, Mud, Sandstone, Rocky Dirt or organics like Wood, Red Mushrooms, Brown Mushrooms, Shrubs, Leaves etc. will not make the Stone Mining Cell lose any durability.

In a detailed view, it is believed that it can pull up to 300 T2 blocks and 600 of T1 blocks.


However you cannot pull any harder rocks with Stone Mining Cells - like Siltstone, Stalactite or Saltrock on the Stalactite Layer. You also cannot pull any fluids with mere Stone Mining Cells (as of R39 in February 2017).