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Stone Signs are inscribable items in Creativerse.

Like most pieces of furniture these signs cannot be found anywhere on the game-worlds currently, but can be crafted in the crafting-menu (to be opened by typing "q" as the default key).

Before being able to craft this placable object you will have to unlock the according crafting recipe by


To craft 2 Stone Signs at a time, you'll need (as of R38 in January 2017):

Crafting Stone Signs is one of the unlocking requirements of the crafting recipes for Hanging Stone Signs and Stone Plaques.

You can place Stone Signs against walls/trees or on the ground, but you cannot hang them from ceilings nor can you rotate them upside-down by any usual means.

After placing a Stone Sign into the game-world right-click on it or activate it by typing "f" (as the default key) to write a note or message (maximum length 35 characters). After clicking the orange "Accept"-button this message will then be displayed in ALL capital letters.

Stone Signs will accept some HTML-commands, so you can write:

  • <u> underlined </u> to underline words between these tags
  • <i> italic </i> to use italic mode (skewed) for words between these tags
  • <b> bold </b> to make letters between these tags look slightly more bold
  • <color=red> red colored text </color> to write in red letters
  • <color=green> green colored text </color> to write in green letters
  • <color=blue> blue colored text </color> to write in blue letters
  • <color=yellow> yellow colored text </color> to write in yellow letters
  • <color=orange> orange colored text </color> to write in orange letters
  • <color=purple> purple colored text </color> to write in pink letters
  • <color=black> purple colored text </color> to write in black letters
  • <#0000FF> creates text of any hex value. Formatted as RRGGBB. You can visit sites like to find out about and try out specific colors
  • <size=5> changes the size
  • \t tab
  • \n new line

You cannot use Alt-codes on Stone Signs (as of R28 in February 2016). Also if you use < or > for anything else than for the HTML-codes they will be displayed mirror-inverted (< will turn into > and vice versa).

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