Creativerse is based on a background-story made up by Playful, the developers of the game. It originates back to the times when the game was supposed to be called "Thereafter" and had been designed to be sort of "Minecraft with magic". 

We as players can only speculate about the exact background ideas, based on the Notes (Journal Pages) and Data Chips found in Treasure Chests.

It seems that a human man has once crashed on a Creativerse planet. (He asks "is this still earth" on one of the Journal pages, and the Data Chips refer to him as being a male.) It is very likely that this person was a scientist, since judging from the Journal pages, the man has seemed to know a lot about technology.

To fight his feelings of loneliness, this man has seemingly used the Arctek technology that he has found on the new world, mainly by using Arcstones that the Journal pages mention.

Using this technology, the scientist has developed an artificial intelligence that he has named "PIXI" with a childlike and somehow "feminine" programming. At least he continually refers to PIXI as a "she" in his Journal pages. 

The AI and the scientist have obviously researched and recorded lots of information about the local fauna that can be read about on many of the Data Chips and Notes that players can now discover in randomly spawning Treasure Chests.

Judging from what PIXI mentions in some of the Data Chips, the scientist has used the Arctek technology to create a "pulling" mechanism that reminds of the Arctek gauntlet that is powered by Power Cells. He seemingly planned to pull "someone" (meaning people) to this world, which PIXI opposed.

It seems that after quite some time the scientist gave up on his research because he and PIXI were attacked by Spectres (a Creature that has been taken out of the game in the meanwhile and had the ability to explode and blow up the surrounding enviroment like Creepers do in Minecraft); to the extent that he lost almost all of his research and PIXI had to power down or had to be switched off by her creator.

Some of the Data Chips seem to indicate that PIXI has later on be reactivated, perhaps by the player character; and some players suspect that PIXI is the AI programmed into the Arctek gauntlets that players now wear and power up with Mining Cells.

In a live-stream Playful has revealed that the original plans for the background had implied that the scientist should have been the creator of the Creativerse ("Thereafter") universe made of many different "shard" worlds by using Arctek technology.

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