If you have any suggestions about new features, blocks, items, game-mechanics or changes to the current game, then please add them to the suggestion-forums:

The developers of Creativerse are interested in your ideas and are (still) reading every suggestion-thread, even though they said that they are sorry for not having the time to reply to everything.

Mind that many suggestions have already been made a couple of times and some of them have already been confirmed as being in the pipeline.

As the FAQs state Playful is still interested in:

  • enabling players to mod Creativerse in an easy way
  • adding a creative mode
  • bringing Creativerse to other platforms

Furthermore, developers have stated on the forums that:

  • an electricity-/automation-system is being planned (redstone-like, levers, buttons, wire)
  • character-customization has been discussed a lot and is in the pipeline
  • NPCs and most likely also NPC-villages will be implemented somewhen in the future
  • ruins, "dungeons" and the like are most likely to come at some point too

Supporting offline gameplay ("single player" as some call it) is not planned as yet, since Creativerse has been designed and developed as an online-game right from the start.

Popular suggestions made by players over and over again (in no particular order) Edit

  • ranged weapons like bows, crossbows, guns, laserguns, etc.
  • decay of leaves and/or options to remove whole trees
  • a hard(core-)mode that makes survival harder/more difficult
  • other "dimensions"/worlds reached by portals
  • pets should be able to help their owners in battle, fighting alongside them
  • mounts (pets to ride on)
  • disassembling of items like armor, weapons, mining cells or the like
  • corner-blocks (or automatic "reshaping" of corners) for roofs, stairs and more
  • repairing of tools, weapons and armor
  • rechargable mining-cells
  • a "craft/fill all"-button for crafting stations
  • special tool/s for harvesting crops and/or pets
  • sealife, fish, seeweed/kelp, aquatic creatures and fishing
  • slopes made from all kinds of materials/blocks
  • new block-shapes like cylindric shapes, cones, spheres, pyramids, planks, pipes
  • a fire-extinquisher or being albe to use the pet-washer to stop fire
  • weapons/armor with resistances and/or buffs, imbuing of existing equipment
  • player-made blueprints to trade
  • more end-goals after crafting lumite-equpiment, a refined end-game
  • achievements and/or Steam-achievements
  • the possibility to breed creatures
  • magic
  • armor racks
  • levels, skills and/or stats
  • quests or something similar
  • trading with NPCs
  • miner's hats and/or lanterns to carry
  • "real" railways (other than ice-slopes (with fans), ladders and the like)
  • cheaper and/or larger excavators
  • vehicles and boats
  • flying
  • turrets and traps
  • game-mechanics that encourage/force base-defense
  • permanent 3rd person view-option
  • auto-run button
  • different temperature-system (Celsius or Fahrenheit instead of Creativerse-degrees)
  • player-written notes/books
  • an option to take and place whole ore-nodes
  • enabling team-PvP, factions, capture the flag - mode etc.
  • larger chests, combining chests, storage-vaults
  • access to many chests at once from a distance to make crafting easier
  • advanced crafting-stations that can process more than 21 items
  • heaters and air-conditioner (or heating beacon and cooling beacon)
  • more rare stuff in caves like rare plants and/or crystals growing randomly
  • less caves
  • plushies and other outgame-merchandise
  • different weapons like axes, polearms, shields etc.
  • gemstones like emeralds
  • doors opening up in both directions
  • options to put markers on the maps
  • dirt-bombs
  • game-mechanics to quickly create walls, floors/bridges/platforms and the like
  • blueprints that will automatically build structures when all materials are provided
  • being able to dye equipment, furniture and/or all kinds of blocks differently
  • pets being able to do all kinds of tasks including being called or sent "home"
  • raisable levels for items and crafting stations
  • more admin controls, more world options
  • procedurally generated worlds instead of templates

More of ... pretty much everything that already is in the game

  • more "Bosses" (either Rockzilla-like and/or Thing-like)
  • more biomes/underground layers
  • more Saplings for all kinds of trees, seeds for flowers, options to grow mushrooms
  • more creatures including flying creatures, night-creatures, sea-creatures, baby-creatures
  • more types and styles of furniture
  • more types and styles of armor and weapons
  • more ores
  • more kinds of crops and new recipes for these too
  • more basic blocks, stairs, roofs, more special-themed blocks
  • more glass-types and types of windows

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