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Creativerse Super Extractor in Action
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old (and missed) recipe for the Super Extractor

Basic Information == The Super Extractor is the best Extractor in the game.

Like the (Basic) Extractor and the Advanced Extractor the Super Extractor is also a one-use-device that has to be placed on Nodes of Ore to extract them from the Nodes and will be used up in the process.

This extractor gives the player ca. 3,5 times as much Ore than the basic Extractor and only takes a third of the time for each extraction process.

Unlocking the crafting recipe Edit

Super Extractors cannot be obtained from any Creature nor Treasure Chest, you can only craft them in your Crafting Menu (default key "Q").

However, to craft Super Extractors you need to first learn the rare Recipe which can solely be looted or pet-harvested from the Thing, a Creature that spawns in darkness on corrupted blocks like can be found on the Corruption layer deep underground.

In order to permanently add the rare crafting recipe to your crafting menu (and so it can be carried over to all other Creativerse gameworlds like all rare and store-bought Recipes), this recipe has to be learnt at first by right-clicking on it in your inventory/bag or dragging it with the left mouse-button over your player character model on the right side of the inventory. 

Crafting Super Extractors Edit

Since the "launch" date, May 8th 2017, when Creativerse exited Early Access, one Super Extractor each can now be crafted with:

Extraction times and amount Edit

Node Number of Ores Time needed
Coal 21 18 seconds
Obsidian 21 1:30 minutes
Iron 18 1:30 minutes
Diamond 10 3 minutes
Lumite 7 3 minutes
While Extractors of any kind are at work, you'll see the Nodes "inside" getting smaller and smaller, until the Extractor will fold itself up with a clicking sound, indicating that the extraction process has finished.

Extractors cannot be removed before their extraction process is done.

The extracted Ore cannot be taken by other players (except for game-world owners, admins and mods), because the permission setting of Extractors of all kinds is set to "just me" by default (different from crafting stations and storage objects that are set to "builders" by default. By clicking on the padlock symbol when looking at a working Extractor, you can change this permission setting to allow other players to take the Ore.

When getting close to Extractors of any kind that have finished their work, you will hear a clicking sound again to remind you that there is an Extractor nearby with withdrawable Ore inside.

Extractors cannot be wired; they will automatically start extracting Ore immediately when being placed on Nodes and do not have to be activated by using any activation devices.

Obtaining the necessary crafting ingredients Edit

Players have complained about Iron Ore being hard to collect.

Both Ores, Obsidian Ore and Iron Ore, can be farmed from Iron Treasure Chests and Diamond Treasure Chests. While Obsidian Nodes are quite common in Caves and in Mountains, farming Treasure Chests is a faster way to obtain a lot of Iron Ore than by searching for Nodes on the Stalactite layer underground; especially when building artificial Biomes from Igneous Rock (or Hardened Lava) and/or corrupted blocks and using a Bed to make night come nearly instantly. However you will have to take a distant after collecting Treasure Chests and let some time lapse away before returning so new Treasure Chests can spawn.

History of the Super Extractor Edit

In a very early version of Creativerse when the game was not free to play yet, the crafting recipe for Super Extractors was originally a store item, but the developers decided that they do not want to "force" players to buy items from the store that would make their gaming process faster. So it became a rare Recipe only obtainable by fighting the strongest Creature of the game.  

Later on, Things like all other Creatures became tameable. 

Playful decided to adjust the crafting recipe of the Super Extractor with update R41 at launch date. Before that one Super Extractor could be crafted with 4 Stone Rods and 4 Obsidian Rods.  

The player feedback made the developers reconsider quickly, so soon after they raised the Ore output of the Super Extractor and also raised the amount of Iron Ore that can now be extracted from one Iron Node each.

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