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The Switch is a craftable activation device and part of the Wiring-System in Creativerse.

Switches can be crafted in your Crafting Menu (default key "Q").

Before being able to craft a Switch, you will need to unlock the according crafting recipe by:

To craft a set of 8 Switches you'll need:

Switches, after being placed into the gameworld, can be toggled on/off by directly activating/deactivating them (key "f" by default or right-click). They can output true- or false-signals when they are switched on (true) or off (false). If the Switch is On, it will light up.

If the Wiring Tool is used to connect with a Switch,
the Send Hotspot Overlay-Image.Wiring Output Hotspot Focused will become visible.

The Switch can be configured with the Wiring Tool.
To do so, equip the Wiring Tool, point at the Switch that has been placed into the gameword, and press "N" (default key) to see the Inspection-Window.

  • Edit Button The Switch can be named.
  • Access Control Lock A permission rank can be set, but please note that everyone can still activate/deactivate the switch even after changing the permission-setting, not only those with the according permission rank.
  • The interactivity can be toggled("can Interact"), however this will also prevent you from using the Switch unless you will make use of your Wiring Tool

The Switch is an Output-device, a pure sender without receiving-options (currently). It can be connected to different kinds of gates, like Delay Gates, Flip-Flop Gates, Inverter Gates or Logic Gates which can then be connected to receiving objects like Doors, Fans, Lamps or Beacons.

If Switches are switched "on", their signal will activate the receiving object - a Door will open, a Lamp, Fan or Beacon will be turned on. If the objects are already activated/open/switched on but the Switch is deactivated, you will have to use the Switch twice, to switch it off and on again; only if the Switch is turned off, the objects will be deactivated/closed/turned off.

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