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A Taming Collar is a tool that is used to tame any creature in Creativerse to become your Pet and be held as livestock to be harvested from. Such animals will regularly and without danger provide you with useful or even rare materials like Arcstone, Tourmaline, rare Recipes or Eggs (that can only be obtained from tamed Chizzards) and Pigsy Droppings (only procurable from tamed Pigsies).

You cannot find Taming Collars anywhere in the world, but you can craft it yourself (in your Crafting Menu with default-key "Q" or at Crafting Tables (that still exist in older worlds created before R22 in September 2015).

The crafting recipe for Taming Collars has to be unlocked by

Crafting the Taming Collar is one of the unlocking requirements of the crafting recipe for Washers, necessary to clean your Pets after harvesting from them, before they can be fed again.

To craft a Taming Collar you'll need (as of R44 in June 2017):

As of R30 in April of 2016, to use it you have to equip the Taming Collar by right-clicking the collar in your inventory to equip it into the dedicated tool slot in your characte profile.

Pressing Tab will then cycle from the current weapon to the collar to the mining cell in a three-way cycle. You can use it by simply switching to tool-mode (as mentioned with default key TAB) so you will "ready" the Taming Collar and then by pointing at any animal (yes, even Rockzilla, Things, Keepas, Warmworms, all corrupted creatures and all night creatures) except for any creature summoned with a Mob Spawner.

As Pets, all the creatures will become immortal and underground or night creatures won't burn in sunlight. To tame them, point at the animals from a short distance with a Taming Collar equipped until a green "X" is shown on your screen. Then left-click and hold down the left mouse-button until the green bar is filled. Be prepared to get attacked by most creatures as soon as you start taming them, even if you stop doing so right away by letting go of your left mouse button or stopping to aim your taming collar at them! While the Taming Collar doing its work, the bell will play a melody. When the taming has been successful, a special sound is being played, hearts will fly and you will also see a taming collar around the necks of the pets you have tamed.

A complete taming procedure takes different amounts of time for different kinds of creatures. Peaceful surface creatures like Leafies can be tamed within around 10 seconds, however corrupted creatures take up to 1 minute to tame.

As for R29, taming collar lasts a minimum of 1000 real life seconds of taming (this means if you have used 980 seconds of tame, you can still tame a thing [60 seconds] before it breaks). The time spent on almost tamed creatures doesnt count, the durability will not be affected by aborted taming-attempts.

Tips for taming: Edit

Creativerse Taming Rambeau10011

Animals don't enjoy being tamed. In fact, using the Taming Collar will make animals aggressive and then attack your player-character - except for Keepas and Leafies, that will run away.

Animals moving around too much while attacking or your character being pushed back by attacks will break the bond that the Taming Collar is forming between you, so you'll have to start taming again from the very beginning.

Leafies will run so slow that you can easily keep up with them or can tame them while they take a break from running. To catch Keepas, Stun Bombs and/or building small rooms (at least 3 blocks high, no ceiling needed) around them or chasing them into 3 blocks deep pits might help.
Creativerse Keepa Pet with hat3838
For creatures that will attack you you might want to try building a ladder 3 blocks up (or more) to tame them while standing on the ladder.

Another possibility to safely tame creatures would be building a 3-blocks high wall with a 1-block-hole in the middle and lure the creatures to it, then run around it until the wall is between you and tame the creature through the hole while their attacks will just hit the wall...

Another method (but a very difficult one) is using the same "strafe attack" method like with swords: on a flat surface, the player must get close to the creature and then spin around it while facing it (no need to sprint). The creature will turn to face the player (and then try to attack) at a rate much slower than the player spins. So if repeated it can prevent any damage to the player while (s)he tames the creature in the process (IMPORTANT NOTES: this doesn't work with Trogs because of his area attack; the player must always get to the side of the creature, not its back; and must make sure no other creatures are wandering around).

Creativerse Arctic Miru R23 575757

After successfully taming creatures, their Pet windows can be accessed by right-clicking the according pet (or using default key "F"). The Pet window will show you their favorite food (2-3 random types of food for each type of creature). Pets can stay without food forever. They can also be fed all different kinds of Food including simple Mushrooms or Crops.

However to get the best harvest you should feed each Pet what it likes best. Mind that if Pets prefer a specific kind of Sandwich (or Soup, Bread or Pie), other types of Sandwiches (or Soups, Breads or Pies) will not be favored, so the harvest will be sparse.

As of R44 in June 2017, pets are set to "follow" by default after being tamed.

You can make your Pets follow you by checking the according order - even through teleporters or back to your touchstone. Whenever you outdistance pets while they are following you, they will teleport to you.

Creativerse Night Pigsy Pet taming morning417

Still occasionally bugs can happen that might make Pets suddenly stop when following you - or make them return to where you have tamed them. Also currently (as of R30 in March 2016), even recently fed Pets that you have set to "Wander" can just vanish (or return to where you have tamed them), and will take their pet accessories with them.

So until this bug is fixed you should set all your Pets to "Stay" in the Pet window. However at rare occasions a Pet that was set to "Stay" can also start to wander again, so you should tell your moving Pets to "Stay" as soon as you can. Other kind of bugs can "replace" creatures to the outside of your corral, or can make them fall through the floor. Sometimes this can also "fix" itself later on.

Taming creatures and then dismissing them is the cheapest and most economic-friendly method to obtain their loot, because taming collars are pretty cheap and easy to craft in comparison to most other weapons and they don't waste very rare minerals or resources, even though Stone is not exactly "renewable" (all the other ingredients can be found in randomly spawning Treasure Chests though).

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