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Basic information Edit

A Taming Collar is a tool that can be used to tame any Creature in Creativerse except for Ghost Creatures and player-spawned Creatures so that they'll become your Pets in order to be kept as livestock to be fed and then harvested from.

Tamed animals will regularly and without any danger (to the durability of your equipment) provide you with useful or even rare materials like Arcstone, Tourmaline, rare Recipes or Eggs (only obtainable from tamed Chizzards, Night Chizzards and Blizzard Chizzards) and Pigsy Droppings (only procurable from tamed Pigsies, Night Pigsies and Night Hoglets).

Crafting Taming Collars Edit

You cannot obtain Taming Collars from any Treasure Chests nor Creatures, but you can craft them yourself (in your Crafting Menu (to be opened with the default-key "q").

But first, the crafting recipe for Taming Collars has to be unlocked by:

Crafting a Taming Collar is one of the unlocking requirements of the crafting recipe for Washers, necessary to clean your Pets after harvesting from them, before they can be fed again.

To craft one Taming Collar you'll need:

Using Taming Collars Edit

To use a Taming Collar you will have to equip it first by right-clicking the collar in your inventory to equip it into the dedicated tool slot in your character profile to the right side of the inventory/bag (or drag & drop it there).

Pressing TAB (as the default key) will then cycle from the current Weapon to the Taming Collar to the arctek gauntlet (with the currently worn Power Cell) in a three-way cycle.

You can use the Taming Collar by switching to tool-mode (as mentioned with the default key TAB) so you will "ready" the Taming Collar and then you'll just have to point at any animal - except for Ghost Creatures and all player-spawned Creatures that have been made to appear by a Mob Spawner.

To tame a tameable Creature, point at it from a short distance with a Taming Collar equipped until the cursor turns cyan blue in the middle of your screen. Then left-click and hold down the left mouse-button until the green bar is filled (the remaining seconds will be shown too).

While the Taming Collar is doing its work, the bell will play a melody, and you'll also see colorful notes flying. When the taming has been successful, a special sound is being played, the Creature will send hearts and you will also see a Taming Collar around the necks of the Pet that you have just tamed from then on.

When pointing a Taming Collar at non-tameable Creatures, the cursor will not turn cyan blue; and pressing the left mouse-button will not make the Taming Collar react then, no melody will be played.

Creatures' reactions to taming Edit

Be prepared to get attacked by most Creatures as soon as you start taming them! Many Creatures, even on game-worlds with the "Pro" world option "peaceful creatures" enabled WILL attack player characters that attempt to tame them, even after you stop doing so right away by letting go of your left mouse button! Once you've started taming even for a split second, it will already agitate most Creatures.

When the taming process is interrupted before it's finished (for example by being knocked back by attacks or by being outdistanced), you'll have to start taming again from the beginning ... or give up.

Only flight animals like Keepas of any kind and common green Leafies will not defend themselves, but will choose to run away instead. This can pose a problem in itself, so it's advised to use Stun Bombs, Globs of Goo, building traps or any other kind of counter-measure.

Taming Time Edit

A complete taming procedure takes different amounts of time for different kinds of Creatures. Peaceful surface creatures like Leafies can be tamed within around 5 seconds, however Corrupted Creatures require 25 seconds to tame, the Thing even takes 30 seconds to tame.

Creatures that will become your friend in mere 5 seconds: common yellow Pigsy, common green Leafi, Autumn Leafi, Dried Leafi, Mossy Leafi, common red Rockster, Rockzilla, common blue-green Chizzard, Blizzard Chizzard, Shrewdshrew, Rambeau, Dustevil, Trog

Creatures that will become your friend in 7,5 seconds: Night Pigsy, Night Hoglet, Feral Pigsy, Night Leafi, Night Twiggy, Night Rockster, Night Chizzard, Miru, Arctic Miru

Creatures that will become your friend in 10 seconds: Pebble, Warmworm, Hot Foot

Creatures that will become your friend in 15 seconds: BossHog, common blue Keepa, Silver Keepa, Golden Keepa

Creatures that will become your friend in 25 seconds: Corrupted Pigsy, Corrupted Leafi, Corrupted Chizzard, Corrupted Miru, Corrupted Rockster

Creatures that will become your friend in 30 seconds: the Thing

Durability Edit

A Taming Collar lasts a minimum of 1000 real life seconds of taming. This means if you have used 990 seconds of taming time, you can still tame a Thing that takes 30 seconds to tame, before the Taming Collar will break. The time spent on "almost" tamed Creatures doesn't count, the durability will not be affected by aborted taming-attempts.

When a Taming Collar has lost all durability, it will break and by that vanish completely. In Creativerse, equipment cannot be repaired, so if your Taming Collar is already critically damaged with only very little durability left, you should prepare by crafting a new one and carry it in your inventory so that you can equip it as soon as your old Taming Collar has broken.

Tips for successful taming Edit

Animals don't enjoy being tamed. In fact, using the Taming Collar will make animals aggressive and then attack your player-character - except for Keepas of all kinds and green Leafies that will run away.

Animals moving around too much while attacking or your character being pushed back by attacks will break the bond that the Taming Collar is forming between you, so you'll have to start taming again from the very beginning.

  • Leafies will run so slow that you can easily keep up with them while taming, or can tame them while they take a break from running.
  • to catch Keepas, using Stun Bombs is recommended (use a new Bomb every 5-6 seconds!), or fencing them in, or chasing them into 3 blocks deep but narrow pits (which can be very hard to pull off)
  • to tame any Creature that will attack you, it's recommended to use Stun Bombs every 5-6 seconds too. Don't be too stingy with your stacks of Bombs, because if Creatures start to prepare their special attack, it's already too late to use up a Stun Bomb, the special attack will hit your player character nonetheless - und usually push it back, thus interrupting the taming progress
  • please note that taming might not work anymore when standing on a ladder, nor across a fence, nor by using simple gaps or bog water and the like, because as soon as Creatures realize that they cannot reach player characters, they might retreat and wait in a distance for a better opportunity to attack
  • taming across a gap or from any place that Creatures cannot reach still works fine if Creatures are trapped, even if it's just on a corrupted tree and you tame them by standing on another corrupted tree nearby
  • taming Warmworms is the easiest since you can simply place a block between you and the Creature, then it won't even attempt to attack you. Tamed Warmworms are immobile though and cannot follow you
  • sometimes Creatures don't move anymore for no apparent reason, like on a small island made of corrupted blocks within corrupted water, even though Creatures can swim nowadays; or when taming them standing a few below
  • several Creatures can easily be trapped by closing a door right into their face (of course there has to be a wall around the door, otherwise the Creatures will simply run around the door and hit your player character)
  • trapping Creatures in pits or small spaces would be a good idea (including sending them to fighting arenas by using Teleporters or pushing them into corners by using Fans), but unfortunately this might not work well currently because of a bug that tends to let Creatures glitch downwards into the ground or makes them jump high upwards, even through ceilings, and such lets them escape from any trap
  • if the player character stands in a deep enough liquid (like healing Mineral Water), then this can sometimes prevent Creatures from pushing the player character back or upwards during the taming process
  • for more advanced taming strategies you can use Block Phasers and Sensor to trap Creatures
  • another trapping strategy would be to create a diagonal line of blocks on the ground looking like the path that a Bishop travels on a chess board and more blocks above that will leave 1 block gaps in between

A more difficult method to tame Creatures is using the same "strafe attack" method like with melee Weapons: on a flat surface, the player must get close to the creature and then spin around it while facing it (no need to sprint). The creature will turn to face the player (and then try to attack) at a rate slower than the player can walk/run. So if repeated it can prevent any damage to the player while (s)he tames the creature in the process

(Warning: this doesn't work with Trogs because of their area attack and might also not work well with Rockster types like Rockzilla; the player must always get to the side of the Creature, not its back).

Keeping Pets Edit

As soon as they are your Pets, all the Creatures will become immortal. Underground Creatures and Night Pets won't burn in sunlight anymore, cannot die from freezing, burning, corruption, purification, poisoning or drowning. They can be dismissed by their owners though, and by players with the according permission - this will make Pets drop their Loot Bag just like they were killed, and they will vanish forever.

After successfully taming Creatures, their Pet windows can be accessed by right-clicking the according pet (or using default key "F"). There you can name Pets (square icon with the "pen" symbol in the top right corner), change their permission setting (padlock symbol), dress them with Bow Ties and/or Top Hats by moving such accessories from the inventory/bag to the according slots in the Pet Window, and you can tell Pets to "stay" or "wander around", or to follow you again if they had stopped.

Since R44 in June 2017, Pets are set to "follow" by default right away after having been tamed. They should follow you even through Teleporters and also back to your Touchstone. Whenever you outdistance pets while they are following you, they should teleport to you.

Still occasionally bugs can happen that might make Pets suddenly stop when following you when you outdistance them (like by flying a Glider). Either this will make them return to where you have tamed them, or they will stand around somewhere between the original taming place and the Teleporter or the spot where you've seen them last. You can retrieve them from there, but they might not follow you, even though they are set to "follow" in the Pet window. In that case you might have to tell them to "stay" at first, walk away a few steps and then you can tell them to "follow" you again. Only Warmworms cannot follow you at all, they are immovable.

Other kind of bugs can "replace" creatures just to the outside of your corral after you've told them to "stay" or wander in there. The same bug can make Pets fall through the floor or glitch up onto the roof/tree canopy. Sometimes this will "fix" itself if you just go away and re-enter the area, or by relogging. In other cases, you might have to retrieve the Pets and bring them back to the corral by telling them to "follow" you.

The Pet window will show you their favorite food (3 types of favorite food exist for each type of Creature). To receive the best harvest from Pets, you should feed each Pet what it likes best. If Pets are hungry (which they always are right after you've tamed them), then a "food" icon will be displayed in the Pet window in the bottom left corner, and the Pet will also beam a thought bubble showing food inside.

Mind that Pets always prefer a specific kind of Food (like Red Mushrooms, Turnip Sandwich, ordinary Soup, Corrupted Bread or Melon Pie). Feeding them other types of Food (like Brown Mushrooms, ordinary Sandwich, Egg Drop Soup, Tar Bread, or Mushroom Pot Pie), then the harvest will be sparse and no special materials might turn up.However Pets can live on without food forever. They can also be fed all different kinds of Food including simple Mushrooms or Crops. Most types of food can only be cooked in a Cooking Station from Crops that you will have to grow yourself from Seeds on tilled land, as described in the article Farming.

After a while, a Pet will have digested the food, and will then display a Power Cell in it's thought bubble and also in it's Pet window (where the now outdated icon of the Power Cell can be viewed). You can then harvest from Pets by pulling them with your gauntlet and holding your left mouse-button just like you would pick up any block.

After being harvested from, Pets have to be washed with a Washer before they can get hungry again after a while. If you "pull" a Pet that is not ready to be harvested from yet, you will push it with the gauntlet. You can't push Pets of other players though if your permission rank is not high enough.

Pets should not be able to eat food as long as they are either already ready for a harvest or dirty after the harvest; and it also should not be possible to feed them more than once when they are already satiated. However, bugs might occur that let this happen, and in this case the food will be lost.

Taming Creatures and then dismissing them can sometimes be the cheapest and most economic-friendly method to obtain their loot - because taming collars are pretty cheap and easy to craft in comparison to most Weapons, and they don't waste very rare minerals or resources.