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Time to tame: 1 minute.
Attack: Swipe: The thing will swipe at players with its right hand. Deals ~800+ damage, may cause corruption DoT. May be dodged.
Location: Corruption layer
Other note(s): The Thing has the highest hp pool and the highest alpha damage. However, the speed of an individual attack is slow.

The "Thing" is an aggressive Creature that can be found on the Corruption layer deep underground, and can also spawn on any kind of corrupted blocks in darkness. Just like all corrupted mobs the Thing won't even die in broad sunlight.

Since R41 Things now also glow slightly in the dark, plus they make characteristically purring sounds while walking slowly.

As of current, the Thing is the strongest and most durable creature found in the game. Killing a Thing requires 45-50 strokes with a Lumite Sword (without the use of any Grenades). Unfortunately, this Creature is able to kill you very quickly in return: around 3-5 hits is what it takes for a Thing to kill a player character. Corruption Dust and parts of Diamond equipment or more rarely Diamond Mining Cells, the second highest tier of items, can be dropped by the Thing.

Things can additionally drop different kinds of Arctek items (Lanterns, Tables, Chests), Advanced Extractors and/or Gas Lamps. Other typical loot of the Thing are rare recipes like for Super Extractors (the Thing is the only source for this recipe), Colored Beacons, Adobe Roofs, Hardened Lava Wall and many other building blocks.

You can also tame "Things" as Pets, but be aware that the process of taming one will take a minute to complete. Tamed Things can prefer either Corrupted Sandwiches, Corrupted Soup or Corrupted Bread.

Harvesting Pet-Things will provide you with the same kind of items as their loot when they are killed, but less in number compared to what can be obtained by killing or dismissing Things.

Tamed animals can be harvested infinitely. So harvesting Things takes a lot less effort than hunting them (which also reduces the durability of sword/s a lot, and of armor whenver being hit). One or two Pet-Things are a good source for rare Recipes, Diamond equipment and Corruption Dust.

Easily killing or taming Things Edit

Things are the strongest enemy in the game, which makes facing one unprepared about as survivable as jumping off a high cliff without a glider. But because of their valuable loot or harvest, killing or taming Things can be considered highly rewarding. Unfortunately, this can be very hard to do.

But there are a few surefire ways to kill or tame a Thing without being killed by it (as a side note please keep in mind that is neither necessary nor useful to fight and "weaken" Things before taming them):

Explosives Edit

Creativerse crafting recipes R34 Explosives 0116

like Explosive Bombs, Armor-Piercing Bombs, Fire Bombs, Freeze Bombs, Poison Bombs and even Rimecones can kill Things quite well. From high up, like from the very top of a Ladder (although this might be tricky), or even while flying a Glider (even trickier), or across a gap you can hurl such throwables at Things at leisure without being touched.

However it requires ca. 60 Explosive Bombs or the same amount of Armor-Piercing Bombs to kill a Thing.

TNT of all sorts also is effective, but since fuses don't work with Explosives any longer, and Super TNT can now destroy corrupted blocks, this would be hard to do. You would also have to ignite several TNT bombs to kill a Thing, and the creature will be pushed away whenever one of these bombs explodes.

Creativerse crafting recipes R34 Explosives 0118

Beware of using Purification Bombs! Things or other corrupted Creatures will not drop any loot bags when being killed by Purification Bombs, and they can also be killed without dropping loot bags by Mineral Water that Purification Bombs will produce when hitting Corrupted Water. You can use Purification Bombs to weaken Things though, and can then kill them with other Explosives or with a Sword. However only around 6 Purification Bombs can already be enough to kill Things.

It's futile to throw Force Bombs or Flares at Things naturally.

Stun Bombs Edit

Creativerse crafting recipes R34 Explosives 0115

are a good measure to tame Things. Stun Bombs can be thrown as many times as needed without interrupting the Taming process, allowing a single player to repeatedly stun a Thing while taming it. Stun Bombs are regularly found in Treasure Chests, on Keepas and can be easily created with a few easy to come by ingredients. Enemies hit with a Stun Bomb will be paralyzed for about 4 seconds. If you keep throwing them on Things, they won't have the ability to fight back, preventing you from taking damage while hitting them with your weapon or taming them with a Taming Collar.

Prepare to take a lot of Stun Bombs with you when using this tactic, as Things are very durable. Stun Bombs can currently (as of R34 in December 2016) kill Creatures too, but "fortunately" it's quite hard to kill a Thing.

Creativerse gap002
Creativerse gap003

Gaps Edit

of at least 1 block width and at least 3 blocks depth cannot be overcome by most creatures except for the long reach of Trog's attack and Rockzilla. So you can build platforms at least 3 blocks or more above the ground and then additionally build steps leading up there - but leave a gap of at least 1 block at the top between the upper end of the stairs and the platform.

A similar option would be to create a ring-shaped trench of at least 3 blocks depth into the ground with an "island"-like platform in the middle.

Make sure that the platform in the middle is large enough though. You can also place a ladder into a trench or steps leading to the outside so you will be able to climb out if you should fall down, but make sure the ladder will not create a bridge for Creatures that they can use to cross the gap, and of course do not build steps into the island that Creatures can climb too.

Then you can lure Creatures up the stairs or directly to the trench, jump or simply walk onto the platform (players characters usually won't fall down if it's only a 1-block wide gap) and make sure that the Creatures will follow you, as close to the gap as possible.
Creativerse platform with gap corruption

Most of the times enemies will even stop to move completely at the edge. Then you can carefully position yourself (take care not to get too close!) so that you can hit or tame them comfortably while they might remain completely immobile or cannot reach you.

Creativerse taming across a fence001

Fences Edit

can be used to stay safe from Things (or any other creature) currently (as of R31 in May 2016). Fences like Wood Fences, Stone Fences or Obsidian Fences do not have to be higher than 1 block to hold back Creatures, but nothing can be placed on the fence (like torches) and no blocks should be placed next to the fence or have the same height as the fence, not even liquids, as these "mistakes" will create steps or breaches, enabling Creatures to cross Fences.

It is possible (but risky), to create a well-closed ring of Fences (with or without a Gate, since player characters can jump over Fences different from Creatures) and to lure Creatures there, to then either kill or tame them across the Fence if the player character is positioned carefully.

Creativerse mineral water and a ladder01

Ladders Edit

were once a safe place where creatures would not reach you even if they were extremely close - in fact they did not even try to attack anyone standing on a ladder. All Creatures still are unable to climb ladders, but if you can reach them from above or below while standing on a ladder, they can usually also reach and then hurt your player character... Trogs have a long reach, and Chizzards tend to fly up a little too. You can still place yourself very carefully on a ladder just so that you can hit a Thing with a Sword while it cannot hit you.

Creativerse corrupted creatures die in mineral water01

Mineral Water Edit

can kill any corrupted creature including Things quickly. These Creatures will die if they stay in contact with Mineral Water for too long, even just by touching it (you will be able to tell because they start to glow yellowish-green in this case). However please note that dying by purification or drowning will not make Creatures (like Things) drop any Loot Bags. And Taming corrupted creatures usually just takes much longer than corrupted creatures will last in Mineral Water.

Just for safety matters you can purify Corrupted Water in the Corruption layer with Healing Beacons or Purification Bombs and then create an inaccessible place over this like a long Wood Ladder leading upwards to nowhere in the middle of it.

If you meet Things (or other corrupted creatures) you can flee there and quickly run up the ladder. Aggressive enemies will follow you to the foot of said ladder and into the Mineral Water, where they will quickly die. This will make Taming pretty much impossible though, and as said, no Loot Bags can be obtained this way.

In earlier versions of Creativerse creatures were unable to swim and could easily be tamed or killed on the shores of any kind of liquids while the player character was standing inside the liquid. This does not work any longer.

Beacon Arctek Healing

Healing Beacons Edit

can be used just like Purification Bombs to "weaken" Things. However you will have to place Healing Beacons in a way that Things have to touch them (like in a narrow mine shaft) and you will then have to kill Things quickly before they are being killed by the purification effect. Luckily Healing Beacons can be picked up again. However be careful not to create additional Mineral Water by placing Healing Beacons near Corrupted Water, because Mineral Water will kill corrupted Creatures quickly and without leaving any loot, and it's much harder to remove than Beacons.

Icon Teleporter

Teleporters Edit

Another possibility would be to build an arena where you can trap creatures and hit them from safe places/distances with a Teleporter inside. Then you will only have to place another Teleporter with the same code into the Corruption layer or on corrupted arenas. Make Things (or other aggressive Creatures) follow you there and lead them into the Teleporter (by running around it until the Teleporter is between your player character and the Creature). You might want to put up one more teleporter to a safe place just outside, above or under the fighting area, and use its code to go there when following your prey instead of teleporting right into the middle of the fighting arena after you've lured dangerous creatures there.


of many different kinds can be created by wiring Doors, Trap Doors, Sensors, Pressure Plates or the like together cleverly. However as of today no kind of trap exists in Creativerse that would automatically kill Creatures in a way that would make them drop Loot Bags (not even to speak of taming them automatically).

Trivia Edit

  • It has been noted that the Thing looks like an amalgamation of many creatures, possessing the eye of a Miru connected to the head of a Pigsy.
  • The Thing tends not to have a pre-chase animation unlike the Miru which characteristically shows a "roar-like" animation and the Rockster which lifts both its claws up aggressively.
  • Pushing a Thing away with your power cell right before it swipes with its hand will result in the attack missing. This tactic is good if you are cornered by a Thing and are left with low health.

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