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The Tower Castle (lately simply called "Tower") is a Blueprint made by Playful that is currently (July 2017) not in the Store anymore.

You can find slightly different colored versions captured and uploaded by players in the Steam Workshop for Creativerse.

You only have to subscribe to one of these and can then claim the cornerstone for free in the "library" (the icon with the 3 meeple).

After the cornerstone has been claimed, you will find it as an icon in your inventory/bag. You will have to place this cornerstone into the world at first. Then the basic blue outlines of the Blueprint will be superimposed over the landscape so that you can determine its exact position by relocating and rotating the cornerstone. Once you're satisfied with the location, activate the cornerstone in order to customize blocks (show advanced options) and to start building.

The original Tower Blueprint was suggested to be built with these 5,243 blocks:

However, like all other blueprints, the blueprint for this building can be customized too in order to accept completely different blocks and items. Blueprints also do not have to be completed in the exact shape like suggested.

Currently, no building kit (consisting of all blocks and items required to build the Blueprint) is offered for the Tower.

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