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Wholesome Bread is a type of Food that can only be made with a Cooking Station.

The one recipe for all kinds of Bread including the Wholesome Bread will be unlocked by taking Wheat for the first time.

After this recipe has been unlocked, many different types of Bread - like Wholesome Bread - can be made by clicking at the now available basic bread recipe in the Cooking Station and then inserting different kinds of liquids additional to 4 portions of Wheat.

To cook 2 loaves of Wholesome Bread at a time, you'll need (as of R32 in June 2016):

When consuming Wholesome Bread (by putting it into a quickslot, choosing that quickslot and click your right mouse button or by dragging this food over your character's model on the right side of the inventory) your character will be granted a bonus of 100 points to their maximum health as well as periodic healing over time (similar to being close to Mineral Water for 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

Only one Wholesome Bread of a whole stack will automatically be consumed if you use it, however if you eat more Wholesome Breads (by right-clicking or dragging&dropping again) the effects will merely set/prolonged to 7:30 minutes anew.

Mind that only common Bread (made from wheat and ordinary water) will unlock the recipe for Sandwiches. Baking any other types of Bread (like Wholesome Bread) will currently not unlock any new cooking recipes.

Pets who prefer to eat Wholesome Bread will not provide you with their best harvest if you feed them any other types of Bread, like common Bread made from Wheat and ordinary Water for example.

Other types of Bread can also be made using the basic Bread recipe by inserting Wheat and other kinds of Liquids into a Cooking Station. Depending on the type of liquid, different variants of Bread will be the result:

Different types of Bread can be made by using the basic Bread recipe and inserting Wheat together with other kinds of Liquids into a Cooking Station. Depending on the type of liquid, various variants of Bread will be the result:

Wheat grows from Wheat Seeds which can be occasionally obtained while harvesting Tallgrass or Savannah Tallgrass. You have to plant these seeds under fitting conditions (on tilled soil with water nearby) to receive Wheat.