Wood rod
Wood Rods can be processed either from any kind of Wood (except for Corrupted Wood) or Logs - by putting them into a Processor. No crafting recipe is necessary to produce Wood Logs.
Creativerse Wood Rod Wood Slab00450
1 block of Wood or Log will produce 8 Wood Rods

Alternatively, 1 Wood Slab (made from any kind of Wood (except for Corrupted Wood) or Logs in a Processor as well, can be processed into 4 Wood Rods too.

As of May 2017, Wood Rods are one of the unlocking requirements (each) of the crafting recipes for Wood Chairs.

Creativerse Wood Rod Wood Slab00451 1
Recipes that use Wood Rods as an ingredient (as of October 2015):
Creativerse Wood Rod Wood Slab00452

Creativerse Wood samples020

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