All Creativerse players can set a few world options for their own gameworlds for protection and management (as of R43 in May 2017):

1. "Default to Visitor"

With this world modificator activated, every new player joining the gameworld will be set to "visitor" as their permission-level by default. Otherwise new players will automatically be have a "builder" permission rank.

Players with visitor ranking cannot harvest or mine any blocks or plants (including Crops), cannot hurt other players with a Sword (even if PvP is enabled), cannot fight/hurt nor tame Creatures, cannot place anything into the world (including their own Touchstone, TNTs and Excavators) and cannot wash Pets.

On the other hand, visitors (and all other players of any other permission rank) can take stuff from randomly spawning Treasure Chests, can push Creatures with their gauntlets, can take Loot Bags of creatures and player bags, can be teleported by all teleporters to their destination, can teleport to all touchstones that allow players to travel there, can climb ladders, use chairs, can open and close doors that are set to "can interact" (by default), can use beds, and visitors can throw throwables like Rimecones and throwable bombs. Bombs can then hurt and even kill creatures as well as player characters, and some bombs can affect/change the environment too. Visitors can only pick up, activate/use or change settings of activatable objects that are set to "everyone" (however objects are usually all set to "just me" by default, a few of them are set to "builders"). Please note that visitors could even "dismiss" Pets that are set to "everyone", which would kill the Pets.

In a way, the options to make gameworlds public (open to all players) is also another setting that all players can use for their gameworlds. Public gameworlds cannot have passwords of course.

2. Disable Explosives - this does not apply to throwable bombs, but to explosives that could damage the environment. All kinds of TNT cannot be activated after being placed in this case, and Excavators cannot remove blocks

3. Disable Fire Sim/Spreading - open fire from torches, fire pits, campfires etc. cannot set flammable blocks on fire, so fire cannot spread over all adjacent flammable blocks. Fire Bombs cannot set flammable blocks/liquids on fire, but can still melt Snow and Ice], transform Hardened Lava and Coal Nodes

4. Disable Corruption Sim/Spreading - corruptable blocks cannot be corrupted when corrupted blocks or corrupted water is placed next to them. Corrupt Bombs cannot corrupt corruptable blocks either, however Purification Bombs can still purify corrupted blocks and Corrupted Water

Currently (R43 in May 2017), you must buy the Pro-DLC in order to use some world modifiers. Currently available world options for those who have bought or received the "Pro" DLC include:

  • "World Bound Recipes" - Everyone coming to this world can have all their common crafting recipes reset that they've already unlocked in other Creativerse game worlds, so that they have to unlock them from scratch anew (word bound recipes). However store-bought recipes and rare Recipes that have been found in Treasure Chests or been obtained from specific Creatures will always be available in all Creativerse game worlds, even for free players
  • "No PvP" - "player versus player" mode can be disabled, so that player character's swords can't hurt each other. Explosives on the other hand can still have effects, even on your own player character!
  • "More Treasure" - more Treasure Chests with occasional rare Recipes in them can be made to randomly spawn in dark places when activating the according world option
  • "More Regrowth" - more Flowers and Beeswax can be made to slowly spawn over time on trees in time, as well as more Red Mushrooms on blocks of Grass in suitable Biomes, maybe also more Crops in the wilderness
  • "Peaceful Creatures" - all Creatures will be set to passive, so they won't attack any player characters on this world. Most Creatures except for Keepas of any kind (including Silver Keepas and Golden Keepas), common green Leafies and Ghost Creatures will defend themselves though if they are attacked by players or when players attempt to tame them. Creatures won't mind being pushed though
  • "Sparse Creatures" - only half the amount of Creatures than usual can be made to spawn in this world if you choose the according world option
  • "Low Gravity" - you can lower the gravity of the gameworld, which will enable all player characters on this world to jump a lot higher than just 2 blocks and will also grant slower descent and safer landing - however low gravity will not completely negate ALL falling damage! Better quickly use your Glider when falling from very high up so your player character won't be hurt when landing
  • "Skybox" - a "celestial sky" can be chosen as an alternative skybox where giant planets in the sky during day and night will provide that gameworld with a decent additional SF-touch
  • "Combat Difficiculty" - instead of the Default "average" Difficulty Mode you can also choose either a Hard Mode or an Easy Mode (you cannot activate both at the same time though).
  • In "Easy Mode" all Creatures will only hit half as hard as usually and all player characters on this world will not drop any items/blocks/materials from your inventory into a Death Statue when a player character is defeated (and temporarily "dies")
  • "Hard Mode" on the other hand means that Creatures will do twice the damage than normally and even all items/blocks/materials from the quickbar as well as the whole equipment of player characters will be dropped into a Death Statue when they are defeated. There's no permadeath in Creativerse as of now, and even in Hard Difficulty Mode all your stuff will be re-equipped and sorted back neatly as soon as you will recover your Death Statue

PRE R33 Modifiers Edit

All modifiers PRE-R33 were free to use for everyone for a while

  • No Explosives (no TNT types or Excavators can be activated after being placed on this world)
  • No PVP (players can't inflict damage to other players when hitting them with swords and/or throwable explosives)
  • Default to Visitor (players who join the gameworld will automatically be set to the permission level "Visitor" where they cannot dig, harvest or fight)
  • Recipes Carry over (Unlocked crafting recipes from other worlds are unlocked in this gameworld from the start)
  • Peaceful World

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