Creativerse Map R34 world001
Creativerse Map solo world r31
Creativerse Map Template Reference World 05

current template world RW5


Creativerse Map Template Reference World 06

current template world RW6

Creativerse Map Template Reference World 07

current template world RW7

Creativerse Map Template Reference World 08

current template world RW8

Creativerse Map R34 area001

claims on a map with different authorization

Creativerse Map showing Rockzilla R29 55

can you see Rockzilla on this map?

Each Creativerse-gameworld is 10,240 x 10,240 x 256 blocks in size, divided into 20x20 (400) areas, and each area is divided into 8x8 = 64 possible claims (25,600 all in all). 

Currently Creativerse-gameworlds are NOT generated procedurally nor randomly. Instead Playful provides 4 current basic template-gameworlds for Creativerse from which one will be chosen randomly for each player who "creates" a new world. Each newly created world is - currently - an exact "clone" of one of the template-worlds. Older worlds might be based on other templates that are not in use any longer.

All Biomes have a specific general location on these template-worlds, as well as important POIs (points of interest) like giant trees that can be found at the same coordinate on each player-world that is based on the same template-world.

F2P players, returnees and "Pro" players Edit

F2P Creativerse-player will currently start playing on one of these 4 template-worlds but cannot "create" more worlds for themselves to own and moderate. However they can additionally always play on any other world of other players (as long as the world is public or they had been invited) as well as on "public" social worlds created by Playful (exit the world, click on "Play" instead of returning to your world and write "@playful" into the search array to search for these open worlds created by Playful).

F2P players who have already created worlds before August 2nd 2016 and have never paid any money in the Store have kept their old worlds and have also been given a "standard" world additionally to that too, but currently they cannot create even more worlds, unless they'd pay to be promoted to "Pro" players. If you are one of these players, you might find yourself (rather your player character) on a new world when starting the game; but if you exit this world and search for your own worlds (click on "Play" and then on the TAB above), you will see that they are all still there.

Creative players with a "Pro"-status can create a large number of worlds with many options (See: Beginners Guide). Everyone who has either bought the game or has paid any money via Store before August 2nd 2016 has automatically been promoted to "Pro", anyone else can buy this upgrade anytime on Steam.

All game worlds are hosted on the online-servers of Playful with no client-sided "savegames" (as of yet). Currently there are no plans to make Creativerse into an offline game or to provide "stand-alone" clients, instead it was designed as an online game for Steam with easy multiplayer-access from the very beginning. Other players can join any world where they are allowed to enter (like all "public" worlds that you can find by clicking the according TAB in the list of worlds), so any player can play on dozens of worlds parallel with more or less authorizations as given by the respective world-owner. If the world is password-protected, then players will have to ask for that password first to be able to join of course.

According to the developers (PlayfulDavid as of 03-13-2015) there is a limit of how many players can actively play together on one world to avoid extreme lags. Playful capped the worlds at 20 players maximum online for now; although the developers hope to be able to handle more than that eventually in the future.

It was said that on social/public worlds (currently under construction) up to 100 players were "allowed" to start, but only 20 players would be able to play there at the same time. However it seems that the limit of 100 players have since been raised to many hundreds of players.

More about the template worlds: Edit

Current templates are: , and

For pictures and maps of all other template worlds please visit the official forums:

This means that no world can currently be created that would lack any of the existing biomes.

Besides: no, it's not a bug that the leaves of several really giant Wildwood-trees are reaching from high up to the ground like hanging Vines! They are designed this way.

Coordinates / Location: Edit

You can take a look at your player character's current location by typing // into the chat (and confirming this with "enter").

Creativerse borders of the world in corruption R26 83

End of the world

Coordinates can be:

  • from East +5,120 to West -5,120, (first number of the coordinates shown)
  • from the lowest level (End of the world) 0 to +256 to the highest point in the sky (second number)
  • and at last from +5,120 from North to South -5,120 (third number of the coordinates)

By the way: 81,6 is "sea level", and if you're swimming in the water of an ocean, your (middle) coodinates will be 80,3. When swimming you're just a little below the surface in the water, so the biome-display is always "Fossil" (currently as of R26 in December 2015).

The spawn-point for each player-character who creates a world is randomly chosen, but most often it's in Woodlands close to Grassland-biomes. Where players will start off can make the gameplay-experience of each player "random" and various in challenge.

Visitors will either enter at the first spawn-point of the world-creator or at the Touchstone of the world-owner, if that person does not premit it by changing their touchstone-setting.

The four template worlds that were added with update R29 are characterized by a bit "rougher" landscapes and significantly more ore nodes than the "older" template worlds TW1-4. However on TW5-8 Iron Nodes cannot be found on the Lava layer, Diamond Nodes do not reach into the Stalactite layer and Corruption layer, and Obsidian Nodes do not seem to reach into the Stalactite layer either. Additionally to that Tourmaline is more rare on RW5-8 because it can only be found on the Lava layer there, not on deeper levels of the Stalactite layer.

Attention: bugs might occur if you reach the borders of the worlds! Edit

Creativerse End of the world center bugs R32

The lowest layer of all Creativerse-worlds is made of indestructible violet glass-like blocks called "End of the world". These blocks are not corrupted and will not fill your corruption meter, however other corrupted blocks might do so if they are close to your player character.

Creativerse 0,0,0 filled with Mineral Water

Graphical bugs tend to happen at level 0, like parts of the screen seemingly being visible below the End-of-the-world-blocks and the like.

On some template worlds at the exact coordinate 0,0,0 one of the End-of-the-world-blocks is missing and such forming a small hole that is often filled with either one block of corrupted stone or dirt, which is not a bug per se. If you fill this block with Mineral Water a sparkle will regularly fill the air above it - maybe other liquids / blocks can have the same effect.

Unfortunately dying on these blocks or a bit above them can rarely cause the Death Statue to drop below these incorruptible blocks and such get out of reach.
Creativerse rims of the world47

On the other hand if you build structures upwards and reach the upmost layers of any Creativerse-world you might again notice graphic-glitches up there that can make blocks directly below you invisible or only half-visible for example.

Also take care: it's really cold high up, so your player-character can freeze to death when staying there for too long (this is not a bug, but intended).

Creativerse fog at world's end and line underwater79
Creativerse corner of the world during day R26 95

When reaching the borders of the world to the North, East, South and/or West, there should be fog starting around coordinates of approx. 5000-5100. When venturing into this fog too far, your player-character is supposed to be teleported back to your touchstone. However this mechanism does not always work, especially at night, where the fog might become barely visible, and/or at the corners of the world.

Different bugs can happen if you test these limits. Sometimes your view might get all dark-blue with a hint of a starry sky and the ground or water might seem to be gone. If you move your view, you might even not be able to distinguish upwards from downwards any more, and such it might get hard to find your way back.

Your player-character could also easily get stuck at the borders (type /stuck into the chat if you cannot move your character nor teleport back), or the player-character can even suddenly die for no apparent reason, while the Death Statue can be a pain to be regained when this happens.

Creativerse corner of the world at night R26 95

Right at the borders of the world your player-character might lose health without a cause, or your player-character might seem to be able to breath under water, but will still die after a while under water.

Cases of Death Statues appearing out of reach outside the borders of the world after dying close to the borders are known, and also Death Statues dropping to the very bottom of the world (End of the World) embedded in (corrupted) rocks. So it's best not to linger around at the borders or corners of the world for too long to test your luck.

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